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August 28, 2007

Bringing Families Back to the Table

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Last night, we gathered up the family (including our au pair Paty, the newest member), and headed to a big event at Crust: Eat Real. Crust is the first certified organic restaurant in the Midwest, and we had wanted to try it for a while. This event was the perfect opportunity.

The evening was a fundraiser for an organization called Purple Asparagus. Here is the mission of Purple Asparagus:

Purple Asparagus is dedicated to bringing families back to the table by promoting and enjoying all the things associated with good eating.

By sharing food, we strengthen family and community ties, support local farmers and producers, gain respect for the earth and for the diversity of cultures all over it, and pass important traditions on to the next generation.

We seek to be a primary resource in our community for food-related activities, education and fun for families of all kinds.

Purple Asparagus was founded by Melissa Graham, who lives in my neighborhood, and who I met a month or two ago at the Farmer's Market. For most of the summer, Purple Asparagus hosted the Sprouts table at the Green City market. Kids can head over to the table for great food and fun crafts. We were introduced to Melissa by her son, Thor. He came over to Dylan and Max and recruited them for the Sprouts table. Max didn't want to stand still long enough to do anything, but Dylan loved planting parsley seeds in an eggshell.

But anyway, last night's event was lovely. I really enjoyed all of the food, and it was a good feeling to be around other people with a similar philosophy towards eating and family. It was a nice thing to do with Paty, too. It was very casual, and she seemed pretty relaxed.

(You can click the above picture to see more photos of the event.)

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