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July 11, 2007

Chicago Moms! Tell Us What You Think About: Amy Jacobson

Amy_nathanAmy Jacobson is a Chicago mom not unlike many of us in many ways.  Like me, her name is Amy.  Like some of you, she has - or had - a full-time job outside the home.  She lives in the city. She has a couple of young kids.

None of us are perfect, that's true. But as a media professional is she under higher scrutiny? Is that fair?

Did she make a grave error in judgement simply by taking her kids swimming at the home of an acquaintance whom she had interviewed?  Did she not think of the reprocussions?  Should she have lost her job?  Did she cross the line -- did Channel 2

C'mon Chicago Moms, put on your thinking caps and speak your mind! 


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