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July 05, 2007

More Help For Dieters

Irene_070307 After having 2 kids back to back and getting pregnant while I was 20 pounds over my ideal weight, I seem to be on a constant diet.  The problem is that life is so complicated and fast-paced that I never have time to make my lunch (or dinner for that matter).  It seems that I'm either running through a drive through or calling in something for pickup.

Thanks to an article in the Chicago Tribune, I think I will be curtailing my eating out adventures.  Instead, I think I will make a considerable effort on making lunch - even if it is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Even before the article came out I know that most of us KNOW that the kitchens in restaurants aren't always clean.  At least as clean as the kitchens we have at home.  And, because of the amount of food that gets prepared and the number of people in restaurant kitchens we all know that little critters may inadvertently get side-tracked on their way to where they really need to go.  But, eeeeeewwww!

So now I am in a quandary as what to do for lunch.  I could go home and make myself a little PB&J, but who wants to get in their car and drive all the way home.  Then again, I am not up for a little unwanted "flavor crystals" in my take out sandwich!  Bleh!


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