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July 11, 2007

Counting down to Harry

The countdown is on. 12….11…10…how many days before...you know what I’m talking about…Harry Potter! You’d have to be under a serious rock if you haven’t felt Harry Heat being generated in this city. Ok, the world.

And I’ll admit it. I’m one of the most fanatical of fans. Yes, I have well researched theories on the most minute detail of what may be in the coming book.  Yes, there were times I wondered how the days and months would ever pass until we could finally hear the rest of the story. I did at one time think to myself, "what if something happens and book 7 is never written?! What if we never know?!"

But here we are, right on the cusp.  There are only a few days left to wait for Harry.  The suspense is nearly over, for good.  Will the world shut down on July 21st as millions of us abandon our posts to curl up with a really good book?

If you or your kids feel the way I feel, Hogwarts ChicagoLand is a great place to be. July is Harry month, and here are some great ways to celebrate summer, reading, and HP7 with or without your kids.

Glen Ellyn is hosting a month long scavenger hunt, and are closing down portions of city streets to host a big shebang at 9pm on July 20th for good times including a magic show and hat making!

Naperville is expecting more than 70,000 muggles and wizards alike to attend their release party. Beginning at noon on July 20th and continuing until the official release moment (12:01am, July 21st), the 65 organization hosting Muggle Magic have also shut down city streets and are ready for the Magic to begin.

Oak Park is outdoing themselves with a pre-release Divination Tea, Quidditch Tournament, a visit to Azkaban, and much, much more.

If you just can’t wait that long, the Weasley twins will be visiting Hollywood Blvd in Woodridge, just in time for the release of the HP6 movie, July 13-15.

There’s got to be more Harry Mania around these parts. If you know of an event we Muggles might want to visit, let us know!  And while you're at it, anyone want to swap theories?  Is Snape good or bad?  Does anyone remember that Dumbledore's best friend is a Phoenix???  How is it all going to end?

And of course, pack out your local theaters and bookstores. A Harry Potter movie release and Harry Potter book 7 just a week later: there is magic in the air.

Rita Skeeter Catherine does her own magic over at everyday life as lyric poetry.


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