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June 29, 2007

Salmonella In Veggie Booty

This was originally posted on SIlicon Valley Moms Blog, sister site of Chicago Moms Blog.....

Veggie_booty_recallI never thought our favorite non-raw snack food would be contaminated with salmonella, a bacteria that occasionally lurks in uncooked foods like raw eggs and chicken.  Here is the link to Robert's Veggie Booty website with info on the contamination.  It advises us to throw out all bags of Veggie Booty that we have.  Too bad, since the nutrition label on the package says a serving of Veggie Booty gives 30% of Vitamin A, 15% each of C and Calcium, and 4% of iron for the day, though there are rumors this may not even be true!

Anyway, 52 people in 17 states have become sick due to Robert's Veggie Booty, so this is a little more serious than whether the label actually reflects the nutrition content.  I even called my son's preschool just now since I'd sent a baggie of Veggie Booty to school with him.  The teacher, thank goodness, had heard of the recall, but didn't know what to do since my son is gluten-free and taking away his Veggie Booty would leave him relatively snack-less at school. Here is what Kim Moldofsky of Scrambled Cake had to say about the recall. 

The CDC says the following about salmonella symptoms, "Most people have diarrhea, fever, and stomach pain that start 1 to 3 days after they get infected. These symptoms usually go away after 1 week. Sometimes, people have to see a doctor or go to the hospital because the diarrhea is severe or the infection has affected other organs." 

If you are sickened with salmonella there is something you can do. According to natural health experts like Dr. Mercola, to effectively neutralize the salmonella bacteria, you or a child can safely take a high potency probiotic, like Culturelle, Nature's Way, or Jarrow every hour until symptoms abate.  There are no known side effects of probiotics except in one individual who was born with an abnormally short small intestine. In one of my probiotics books, Cultivate Health from Within, by Dr. Shahani, he says the following about salmonella and probiotics, I think in reference to a study: "About 40-70% of the children with Salmonella and Shigella dysentery recovered when acidophilus milk was administered for a short period of time. Continued long-term administration of acidophilus milk resulted in 100% recovery." [Acidophilus is a type of probiotic.] 

I hope the people who are sickened by salmonella recover without further incident.  It is always scary when a food we feed our children is contaminated. Whether we go back to eating Robert's Veggie Booty in our house remains an open question.

Alix also blogs at www.mednauseum.blogspot.com, a blog devoted to research supporting dietary and environmental causes of chronic illness.


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