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June 25, 2007

I'd Forgotten How Yummy Veggie Can Be

Blind_faithI went to visit my friend, Dorothy, up in Evanston this afternoon.  For once we did not have an open house at our place, but Dorothy did.  I used to live in Evanston once upon a time.  Live is a stretch since when my stuff was parked in an apartment in Evanston, I was hardly there.  Instead I was young and traveling all over the world with my first job out of college.

But, I digress.  I didn't have a lot of time and Dorothy only wanted to be away from her place as long as the open house was being held so we decided to go to a local restaurant.  I know that I give the 'burbs such a beating, but Evanston is as close to be NON suburban as a suburb can be.  First of all it's so close to the city.  And, secondly because of Northwestern University it still has a city kind of vibe.

We ended up at Blind Faith Cafe - one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants.  I'm not a vegetarian by all means.  In fact, I would consider myself an uber-carnivore.  So, if I tell you that the food was good - it really WAS good.  So good that I didn't miss the meat.  On top of that, their desserts are awesome.  I've loved their vegan cupcakes with the rich, yummy icing since I first sank my teeth into one.  This afternoon I had a taste of Dorothy's profiteroles and they were beyond delicious.

Every time I go to Blind Faith Cafe, I think it's possible for me to become a vegetarian.  It's crazy but it is THAT good!


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