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June 14, 2007

He's That Kid

I am somewhat alarmed that my younger son is going to be heading to a sweet little co-op nursery school this fall.  No, not because he's not ready, it's not that.  It's not as if I am unprepared to see him start his first school experience, either.  It's not even the fact that somehow we have to potty train him this summer. 

It's because he, well, acts like a second child.

"I hate this green bean!" Little L hollers, as he chucks it across the dinner table.  Hate?  From my 2-year old?  My overprotected first-born didn't utter that word until he was about 5 and a half.  Gulp.

"Dis game is borin'," he declares with a shoulder slump that is in perfect imitation of a first grader.  This after I kindly play a game of catch with him for as long as he'd like.  Boring?  Hmm, let's think about that.  Nope, Big B didn't use that word until kindergarten, either. 

"What Pokemon character do you want to be today, Mommy?" Little L asks as we start our day together, referencing the big poster depicting the characters on the kitchen wall.  "Bulbasaur? Pikachu? Maybe Polywhirl?"  Oh. God.

He's that kid.  You know, the one with the big brother. The one I used to listen to in my son's preschool and cringe about each time he opened his mouth, sneaking a quick look at Big B to see if he'd heard the reference to some movie I'd never in a million years let him see in preschool, or the vocabulary I was carefully shielding him from.  It's not that Little L is mean or rough or nasty, he's not.  He's as sweet and kind as they come, and often quite shy.  It's just that he may well be the one who is going to teach someone else's overprotected first-born words like boring and hate.  When his new friends are playing house, it's quite possible that he'll be looking for someone to engage in a Pokemon battle. 

Let's just hope there are a few other younger siblings who want to play Bulbasaur to his Polywhirl. 


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