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June 25, 2007

Dear Oprah

We decided to repost "Dear Oprah".  Written by Jessica Ashley on 5/30/07, we wanted to remind Oprah that we are here!

Oprah_2A few weeks ago, I heard a woman sing a song to you on your stage with that title: "Dear Oprah." She was all backlit and beautiful, singing from the heart about her struggle to break free from the religious cult where she was raised, to make it in New York, to go from singing to subway commuters to glorious, shining, iconic you.

I was incredibly moved. Her song was crafted from a letter she wrote to you in a very dark hour but never sent. Her story of transformation and surivorship and self-reliance was empowering and it made feel hopeful and humbled.

I am sure in the weeks since that show aired, you've been besieged with letters from girls and women from across the globe pleading to you from their own pens. And while you have, I've been busy singing that woman's song. I've virtually banished the Elmo theme from my brain (a minor miracle, ask Gayle) with the one Deeeaaaar Oprah line I picked up from performance.

I've heard you directly address the women who watch your show, the women folding laundry on the couch while you speak into the camera. I've heard you say that mothers are to be honored for their hard work at raising kids. And now, dear Oprah, I'd like to introduce you to the mamas who are watching, working, raising kids and then sitting down to blog about it all.

We are the Chicago Moms Blog. Some of us have our own stories of survival that range from serious stuff to the everyday ways we operate with small children, just trying to make it through without too much poop, puke or yogurt on our yoga pants (I mean, tailored jeans and urban sneaks).  We are  a group of kickass blogging mamas just a few exits away and who are making our own paths through the interwebs, the office, the P-freaking-TA, this city and the world and we always, always, always have a comment to share.

The oh-so-ovah-darling Mommy Wars? We'll talk about it.  Great book club reads you can sneak in during naps, conference calls and Idol commercials? We know them. Boogers, boobs and the many Dr. Oz-able bodily functions that make kids squeal and parents cringe? Clearly. The sacrifices we happily make to sit around stuck in the blogosphere? Yes.  Great eats in the Chi? Indeed. Porn? MILFs?Pssh..yeah! The lure of the old-fashioned or being an uber-hip grupped out alternaparent?  Of course.
Celebabies? Mama chic? Slinging the wee one? Swingset bullying? Oh  hell  yes.

We know you are busy with your magazine and girls leadership academy and talk show and Angel Network enterprises. We feel your schedule. Believe us. We imagine Stedman needs your attention just as badly as our partners need ours and that you accumulate towels and  trash and shoes the way we do too.  But if you have a tiny moment, we'd be quite happy to share some of our blogging goodness with you. In the meantime, we will be the ones in the corner crooning along (at least to the chorus) of your song. Deeaaaaar Oprah.

Air kisses and high fives,

Jessica & the mamas of the new and city-loving, kiddo-toting, savvy, sassy, grrrlfriend-a-URL-away
Chicago Moms Blog.


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