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May 27, 2007

I Didn't Mean to Hear the Guy-versation

Einstein_bagelsThis morning I was at the Einstein Bagel place on Diversey.  If you are familiar with Lincoln Park, it is the Einstein Bagel place that was by the Coconuts Records and was closed only to be opened a year later next door.  Don't ask me - I never could understand those types of things.

Not surprisingly, the place was not full because of the long holiday weekend but the only table that was available was one next to these 2 guys.  They were 20 to 30 something (people I could relate to) single (something I USED to be able to relate to) guys (never been able to relate to) and one of the guys was talking about a failed relationship.

Normally, I don't listen - I make it a point NOT to because I have enough crap of my own to deal with.  But, the one guy was talking so loud and glanced every few sentences at me like he was talking to me.  The gist of it was that he wanted a serious relationship but his girlfriend didn't and she was playing games.  Finally, last night they had a conversation and they agreed to end it.  What floored me was that this guy was saying the exact same things that some of my girl friends say when a relationship ended.

I realized that guys aren't so different than we are in the things that they want for themselves.  You know - getting married, setting up house, having kids.  And they talk to their guy friends about when relationships go bad.  They actually obsess over the driftwood that their relationship has become.  Yeah, they're different in that hair sprouts in odd places like their backs, ears, and necks but really they aren't so different.

Seriously, I didn't mean to hear their conversation - really I didn't.  But in some odd way I was actually glad to see that guys actually care.  I wish I had known that when I was single.  Maybe it would have made me less cynical.


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