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May 21, 2007

My Breast Trip to the Mall

boobs in a vise grip
smooshed for just a few seconds
my first mammogram

NordstromI’m not much of a shopper and normally quite mall-averse. Still, when the time came for my first mammogram, I headed to Old Orchard shopping center. I’m not talking about the medical center that’s conveniently attached to the mall. No, I went to Nordstrom. Nordstrom! For my mammogram!

Evanston/Northwestern Hospital struck a deal with the store many years ago and ever since then Nordstrom has hosted a mammography unit quietly tucked into a corner of the store near the women’s accessories.

I was ready to shop within 15 minutes of my appointment making this the quickest medical visit ever. However, the X-rays apparently affected in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I went on a giddy buying spree, purchasing several needless and poor-fitting items. A few days later when my brain settled, I dragged my bosom buddies back to the mall on a returning binge, retracing my steps and gathering return credits on my account.

Adapted from a post at Hormone-colored Days. Kim also writes a food blog for Chicagoparent.com.


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