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You Know You Love Us. Wanna Party?

Bunch-party-CMB So we've been kicking it beta-style around here at Canada Moms Blog for almost two months now - getting our feet wet, splashing around, getting the feel of the water - and now it's time to start diving in and, you know, swimming. Which basically just means, really launching this baby off the diving board and into the pool YEE-HAW CANNONBALL!

Which itself just means, really, taking that little beta-disclaimer off the top of this page and announcing ourselves a little more formally and - oh yeah - maybe throwing a party or two. Which is what we're up to this month (and a little beyond that if we can swing it) (you know how you always asked your parents if you could extend your birthday longer than a day? A week, maybe? Well, we're the parents now. And we say this party lasts as long as we want it!)

Where was I? Right. PARTY/

Our first official Canada Moms Blog Getting Ready To Launch Party is going to be this coming Mothers' Day Weekend in Toronto. (Simmer down, Rest Of Canada; you'll get your turn.) This Saturday - May 9, the day before Mothers' Day - from 2 - 5 we'll be joining the Bunch gang at their annual pre-Moms' Day bash and they'll help us kick-off Canada Moms Blog all glam-like. And we would love it love it love it if you would join us. Bring the kiddies! Get tattooed! Raise a glass to Canada Moms Blog and, you know, moms!

(Dads also welcome. Also, grandparents. And aunts and uncles. And friends. Basically, anybody who travels with kids who like to party and who loves moms. And mom-blogs. And Canada Moms Blog.)

(That would be you.)


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