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Jian Ghomeshi Irritates Me A Little Less Today

Jian-ghomeshi-hispter-doofus I'm not Jian Ghomeshi's biggest fan. I hated Moxy Fruvous - the only band in the world more insipid than the Barenaked Ladies - and I find his relentless hipsterness annoying (memo to everybody: after the age of 35, it is very, very difficult to pull off "hipster" without looking ridiculous. "Hipster" is by definition a hair's breadth remove from ridiculous even for twenty-somethings - is there anyone, anywhere, who seriously wants to be like the Mac in the Mac commercial? - but for anybody who was in college when Kurt Cobain blew his brains out? That remove disappears entirely. KNOW THAT.)

(This goes double if you are a parent.)

(Where was I?)

Jian Ghomeshi, right. So he took on Billy Bob Thornton and lived to tell about it, sort of.

Yeah. I especially love the part where Billy Bob tells Jian that Canadians are like mashed potatoes without the gravy and Jian is all, oh, we got gravy, and Billy Bob says, no, you don't and Jian says yeah, we do, and Billy Bob reaches into the depths of his LSD-baked brain and says, okay, I think I maybe saw some of it in a store, and Jian's all, um, ha ha, what?

Also, the part about the robots. You don't suppose Billy Bob's actually building those robots, do you? You know, to attack Canada?

The fact that Jian didn't burst out laughing and/or run screaming from the room has elevated him in my esteem. Billy Bob was crazy town - CRAZEE TOWN - and Jian just kept plugging away with his questions, even when Billy Bob shot him the laser death glare and told him about his robot minions. That takes some really chilled out balls, seriously.

Really chilled out Canadian balls, if I do say. I'm a little bit proud today.

Although still a little worried about those robots.

This is an original post to Canada Moms Blog. Catherine Connors blogs at Her Bad Mother, where she tries to convince anyone who will listen that bad is, indeed, the new good.


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