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I Guess It isn't 'Baby Fat' Any Longer

Nenette Last month, I tried on my bathing suit, and it was NOT a pretty sight.  I looked tired.  My legs looked stuffed with cottage cheese.  My arms had wings -- holy mackerel, the wings!  And oh, my heavens, my belly should've had "Baby not on Board -- Really" tattooed across the front.  I was reminded of that evil villain in the movie with Princess Leah in her golden bikini -- and it's not Darth Vader.

Is this what pregnancy and motherhood has done to me?
  No, I had to admit this couldn't be 'baby fat'... especially since my baby will be turning 5 this July.  This was all my doing, and it started long before I had my babies.

My tale starts in high school.  I was one of those annoying girls who could eat anything and still stay stick thin.  I would stuff my face as much as I could because my aunts would tell me I was too skinny, but I just couldn't gain an ounce over 105 lbs.  Now, my doctor said that 105 was perfectly healthy for a small-boned 5'4" woman in her mid-/late-teens, but try telling that to my scary Filipina aunties who thought my bony frame would never land me a husband.

My speedy metabolism was certainly not a result of an active lifestyle.  I was a math/science nerd who'd wait for a cold day in hell -- or at least, the threat of an 'F' in Phys.Ed. -- before I'd ever put down my calculator and petri dishes for, ugh, basketball.

Even University didn't change me.  I didn't gain the famed Freshman 15.  Oh no, not me -- I lost 5 pounds.  Meals would be forgotten after hours in electronics labs.  The only time I'd really eat was when I'd remember to grab a little something while working at my part-time job as a waitress. 

You see, I never had to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, to eat clean and whole foods, and to exercise consistently, and to be honest, I really didn't want to.  Little did I know that this attitude was going to turn around and bite me in my little, soon-to-be-big bum.

The Era of Effortless Slimness ended right after graduation.  A new swank desk job eliminated the need to run around a restaurant.  Instead, because even rookie engineers get decent pay, I was eating at these restaurants with greater frequency.  My weight started escalating to new and dizzying heights.  Things didn't improve with my 2 pregnancies.  I gave myself permission to eat, and eat, and eat, so I ballooned to approximately 165lbs both times -- although after birthing each baby, I breastfed down to the low 120s.  Once I closed down the milk factory for good and weaned the kids, my weight started to climb again, and now I'm at 133lbs.

So, where do I go from here?  Hopefully, back down to 115-120lbs where my doctor says I should be.  With a family history of hypertension -- both parents are on blood pressure medication -- and borderline high cholesterol, I need to get my bodyfat down and under control.  That means exercise and eating right consistently.  The carbs/sugar, trans/saturated fats, and large portions have to stay gone.  And I need to keep moving every single day.

In the past, I've choked on the "staying consistent" part of the program.  Motivation has been so difficult for me to find, but I think it will be different this time.  I now have two little people who watch and copy my every move, so I want to make my habits good, healthy ones.  I've also told my blog readers -- and now you -- about this healthy/wellness journey, so I need to stay accountable.  Finally, I have this burning desire to see Jabba the Hutt out of my bathing suit once and for all.

.: This is an original Canada Moms Blog post written by Nenette AM who also blogs about bacon-weaves on roasted ham, life-improvement, and her funny family at Life Candy.  On second thought, maybe she should lay off the bacon-weaves...


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