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Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

Very interesting discussion...

I am a twin myself.

My twin sister Janice and I blog together at http://www.5minutesformom.com and we have always been "The Twins" and we generally didn't have a problem with that. There is power in numbers and we were never bullied or teased in any really negative way.

We were always together in school and we would have freaked out if we had been forced to separate.

This issue entirely depends on the twins and I think they should be the ones making the decision.

Janice and I did look very alike when we were young, but school-mates could generally tell us apart.

Being a twin is complicated and rivalries can have devastating effects. I think the argument for separating can be very strong but the twins should be involved in the decision.

~Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

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