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Erica C.

Really liked the video. The perspectives of SVMoms with different ages of kids was helpful. Since my kids are too young for most technology, it really made me think about the wisdom of handing little kids a smartphone to play with while you're busy -- a mistake we've already made on occasion. From the smartphone, it's only a short leap to their posting their own videos online, and all the really scary stuff they could do in just a few years. Great food for thought.


You gals look awesome! It is reassuring to know I am not alone in liking to talk "blog" :) Thanks...

aion kinah

The video is very informative. Kids and teens nowadays are very well informed about the new gadgets, social networking sites, video and online games liks WoW, Aion Online, etc. It's a good thing that as parents, we know how to handle our kids when it comes to technology. Keep it up! Thumbs up!

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Gone are the days when kids used to go outside and play with kites, ride their bikes, and play hide and seek with their friends. Today it is Wii, Playstation, and Xbox. Yes they are computer savvy and can look up almost anything on the internet. But can they do the same if they had to go to the library and look up the same things there? How many kids can do long division without a calculator?

Nancy Rodrigues

Too much technology. Kids do not have creativity, they are like robots all day using the internet, cell phone, video games, their social life has become public and they have lost interest in the real world. Everything is being done for them, no wonder we need to import well prepared and well educated workers from other countries.

Texan Mama

Great video ladies! Very smart, very clear, good topic discussion!

Technology is wonderful. But everything wonderful isn't always for kids. I think parents need to have tight control over kids and what they see online. It would be like giving a kid the remote control at 10pm at night and tell them, "Watch whatever you want on TV. Be a good judge of what you should and should not be seeing." Kids need more direct instruction, guidance, and boundaries.

And, I guess my question that I've never figured out, for years now, is WHY does anyone under the age of 18 even need a cell phone? If there's an emergency, won't someone else be able to call 911? If something grave happens to them, they wouldn't be able to dial the phone anyway. I think kids having phones is really unnecessary and is the main culprit leading to lots of problems. Sure, cell phones make things convenience, but I'd trade convenience for all the problems they cause in a heartbeat.

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Just want to post a little of my own experience for moms wondering how to protect and teach their children about technology.

1. Be careful what exactly you teach.
My dad taught himself how to build and repair our computers, so he imparted some knowledge on me. One thing he didn't anticipate was that teaching me how to clear out my history would turn into how to cover my tracks.

2. Limit your teen's bank account if they have one.
Checks is a good way to go, even better if they have to physically go to the bank to get their money out, but be very careful with letting teens have bank cards. Aside from the decision making parts of their brain still developing, their hormones are running a muck and even good kids look for a way to explore their sexuality. Bank cards are convenient for shopping around town or getting something to eat, but they're also incredibly easy to purchase adult items online with. Online, they don't ask for an ID and it's very easy to click past "ya sure I'm 18 blah blah" links.

3.Prepare them for what's on the internet. Make it clear that being under aged, it's not okay to look at adult images; but also prepare them for the negativity you find online. Having no face on the internet has given to the trend of cruelty online. Sometimes it's opinions from narrow minded people, sometimes they're honestly just trying to make someone angry. It's basically internet bullying. They want a reaction and attention. Make sure your child or teen knows not to take what these people say to heart. You may even want to limit pictures posted on the internet if they're sensitive because lately a fad has been to post someone's picture and talk about how ugly or fat they are (and a lot of the pictures listed as such are actually attractive and thin). Protect yourself and your child from people making themselves feel good by belittling others.

4. Teach cell phone etiquette. The general idea is to teach a child early on about respect and manners, but lately it seems like a lost practice when cell phones slip into the mix. Remind them that sometimes the cell phone needs to be put away for a while. For example, during a sunday school lecture by the pastor or when it's time to go to bed. Make sure they have common sense too. You wouldn't shine a flash light in someone's eyes or turn a loud tv on next to someone sleeping, but a lot of teens, even good kids, would keep you up till 5 in the morning playing loud cell phone games with very bright screens. I'm really not trying to vent, it's just a concern. Instill respect and common sense :)

Unless you snoop, instilling good values and lessons is the best you can do. It's not a fail safe, but make sure your children are well aware of what is deemed OK and inappropriate. With luck, it'll stick and you'll have a smart cookie ready for the world.

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