September 17, 2008

The Door Closes On Open School Night

J0304561 I was driving past our local high school tonight.  The high school where my daughter and son spent a total of eight years...the past eight years.  Up on the neon sign, in big bright letters,was the annual announcement --September 25th "Open School Night" it said.

The annual "Open School Night" is scheduled for next week...and I am not invited.  No, for the first time in more than eight years, I am not invited to meet and greet the high school teachers.


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August 23, 2008

Why I Love Being 50

Atm_logo_new It's official.  I signed up...I'm an official AARP member.  My card came in the mail last week.  I waited a few months after the introductory letter came.  Then  I sent in my $12 check and I signed up.

I haven't actually put my AARP card in my purse yet.  I don't carry it around at all...eventually I will agree to do that too...just like the 12 million or more other Americans over 50 who are AARP members.

Now, I get the AARP magazine with my name on it.  I read this issue cover to cover...especially the "50 Reasons To Love Being 50+."  Let's see which were my favorite reasons on the list:

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August 05, 2008

Mouse In the House...And A Squirrel Visits Too

J0262640_2 I haven't written in awhile.  That's because I've been busy dealing with my house. My house that somehow seems to be taking up all of my waking hours.  I used to be a city gal when I was younger.  I grew up in New York City...in an apartment in the Bronx and then Manhattan.  And now...now I live in a big house in a very wooded area of New Jersey.  I think as I approach my 50+ years it's time to start thinking about downsizing...maybe to a town house...a town house like I lived in when I first moved to New Jersey.  A town house where someone else takes care of my yard and landscaping.

But, I do love my house. It has a huge kitchen (not that I cook much anymore).  And it has a beautiful family room (not that my family hangs out there much anymore).  And I have three bedrooms (two that I am waiting to redecorate once my son and daughter move out...yes, I so want a sewing room and an office). And I have a huge finished basement (that is filled to the brim with stuff that my daughter brought home after her four years of college).

But, why should I worry about being lonely...not me...no, just as I seem to be getting ready to be an empty nester...I seem to have some small creatures who have decided that they would like to move in with me.

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July 23, 2008

Back from Blogher

J0436884 I'm back from the Blogher conference in San Francisco and finally catching my breath...what a worldwind three days...meeting all the SIlicon Valley mommies at a hot spot called Slide...and all the mid-lifers at a special group session...and the boomer bloggers at another session.  There were definitely more 50-something women in attendance than there were at the Chicago conference in 2007.  What a difference a year makes...I think our 50-something blogger population is definitely growing...especially on-line.

So, who did I meet and greet and who are some 50-something bloggers from Blogher '08?  Here goes:

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June 20, 2008

Super Mom

Super_momLately, I’ve been feeling like super mom…yes I feel like I’m related to Hercules.

I feel like I’m climbing several mountains all in one day. Sometimes it starts in the morning from the moment I wake up…or even before I rise…to the time I go to bed (which is getting later and later these days)…I’m super mom.

I can do two loads of laundry…fill out my son’s college medical forms…call the repairman to fix my air conditioner…call the gutter guys to come clean the gutters on my house (especially since they are so full that weeds are growing out of them)…make breakfast and read the New York Times cover to cover while I eat my breakfast… and yes…I can do all this before I leave for a full day at work.

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June 06, 2008

Tuxedo Man

TuxedoI felt like I was on the red carpet tonight.  My son was all dressed up in his tuxedo...yes...he was tuxedo man...all ready for his senior prom.  And tuxedo man's 50 year old mom was brimming from ear to ear.  My baby boy...all grown up...18 years old...and now he was going to his senior prom.

I took lots of pictures (hopefully, I can figure out how to get the pictures out of this digital camera)...and admired all the dresses...the short white dress was cute...and the long beige gown was gorgeous...and I liked the aqua gown with the diamond straps...ooh...they were all simply beautiful...it was like 50 Cinderellas going to the ball.

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May 29, 2008

Hula Girl

Hula_2I did it...I signed the papers and I did it...I now officially own a little condo on the corner...a condo on the corner at the Jersey shore...the New Jersey shore...yes...I signed all the papers...one after the other...and I got a little teary-eyed when I had to sign alone...it's the first time I purchased a house as a widow...yes...I had to sign the papers as "not married"...ooh...how strange it felt...how sad it felt...but how glad I was that I was purchasing a little condo...my very own lovely little condo at the shore...with two bedrooms...and a cute little kitchen...a quiet place to call my own (of course the kids are invited...and will likely be there more than me...but it will be quiet when I'm there on the weekends).

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May 17, 2008

Madonna Madness

MadonnaWell, well, well...Madonna is having a concert and I want to go...yes...I want to go...after all...she is turning 50...it is her 50th birthday year...her 50th birthday concert tour...and it is my 50th year...and therefore...I should go...yes...I should get to go to her concert...and maybe even bring my 22 year old daughter...since I will likely not get any of my 50 year old friends to join me...no...no one wants to go to see Madonna with me...no one has Madonna Madness like me.

I've been a diehard Madonna fan for so many years...and I never knew she was born the same year I was...yes...the Material Girl will soon be fiftysomething...just like me...and she is so cool...and she is so fresh...and she is so hip...she continues to reinvent herself...year after year...oh...don't you just love Madonna.

When I found out that the Material Girl...yes...the Material Girl was having a concert tour after she turns 50 in August...that was it..."I have to get tickets...I have to go," I said to myself last week.  I went directly to Madonna.com to find out if she was going to be in the Philadelphia area...and guess what...guess what...yes...yes...yes...her tour is not only passing through Philadelphia... it is hitting even closer...she is also going to be in Atlantic City in November...wow...wow...wow..."I must go, I must go," I screamed.


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May 06, 2008

Puppy Love

J0431254 I was riding my bicycle yesterday morning...it was a lovely day...the sun was shining...the temperature was about 70 degrees...and as I rode around my neighborhood I took special notice of all the dog walkers and their dogs...that's because my daughter (my daughter who is graduating from college next week and moving back home...back into my house...temporarily...I hope) thinks I should have a dog.  Doesn't every widow (yes, I am a 50-something widow) need a dog to keep her company?

"I'll take care of a puppy," said my daughter, "I'll train it, I'll walk it...and then when I move out you'll have a wonderful companion.  "Hmm," I thought to myself, "do I really need or want a dog...especially a puppy at this point in my life...how will I take care of it...when will I walk it...will I want to get up at 8:00 am on a weekend morning (when I can sleep in) to walk a puppy?"

And as I rode my bike around the neighborhood, I waved at all the dog owners walking their dogs...the big dogs and the little dogs...the fat dogs and the skinny ones...the grown dogs and the puppies...they

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April 29, 2008

Electronically Deficient Mommy

J0434781 I consider myself technologically illiterate...especially when it comes to electronics...can't any piece of equipment be easy to use?  Why is it that I can't even turn on the television anymore...or find the station I want...and now that my son bought me a new DVD player for my bedroom...I'm really at a loss...now I can't find my favorite TV show...and I can't turn on a movie either.  Now I have to use three changers...one for the TV...one for the DVD and one for my cable provider. 

Of course, my son thinks his mom is Electronically Deficient...yes, I am a 50 year old EDM...a 50 year old Electronically Deficient Mommy...so when I want to watch a movie I ask my son to write down the directions...step by step...and then I take it nice and slow...I start turning on the DVD and TV about 15 minutes from the time I plan to watch the movie...sometimes the process goes off without a hitch...other times it is a complete disaster...I'll get the TV on...then I'll try to turn on the DVD player and the TV turns off...then I have both on but I cannot get the cable turned off so the movie will start...and sometimes I just give up and go read a book instead.

My son thinks it is comical...especially when I call him on his cell phone while he is out so he can give me further directions. "Are you ever going to learn how to use this DVD and TV?" he often says to me, "How

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