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November 10, 2008

Joe the Pedophile wants to be your Facebook Friend

1 Oh, that of course isn't is screen name. He uses his real one. You can't tell he's a convicted pedophile by looking at him but his profile picture shows him at a basketball game proudly holding a well known cartoon character pillow and that makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Yep, you'd never know this guy has a record by looking at him or even by knowing him casually. He is the dad of one of my kid's high school friends. He is able to be Facebook friends with her friends. He is also listed on the FBI National/State Sex Offender List.

"Joe" was married to one of my best friends. After they divorced he re-married a woman with a 14 year old daughter. The judge called his actions with her "Indecent liberty with a minor." He was banned from leaving the state for 5 years and banned from any activities or venues where children gather. That of course didn't stop him from slipping across the border into a different state to see his daughter's high school play and sit in the dark audience taking pictures of the cast of "Little Women."

Feeling the ick yet? I am. As if it's not enough to worry about the raunchy risque pictures your own child posts or the comment their peers make about the body shots they were doing the previous night, now you have to worry about seemingly safe grown-ups perves asking them to be Facebook friends.

Facebook used to be only for college students but soon opened up for anyone. Just about everyone I know has an account. In theory it's a great networking tool but in reality it's a pedophiles dream. There are plenty of parents on there who are friends with their kids and their kids' friends and no one questions it. On the surface it sounds innocent but here's a blatant example of how the door is wide open for creeps to access the personal information and pictures of minors. Do you really think your son or daughter would reject the offer of Facebook friendship from a "trusted" mom or dad of one of their peers?

For every convicted sex offender how many other closeted perves are there surfing undetected? I know we can't possibly stop pedophiles flying under the radar from joining Facebook. They're certainly not going to start their own Facebook group called "I Like Kiddie Porn" or "Little Boys Turn Me On" so how can you tell you're dealing with a sicko? You can't. They're free to stalk. How can it be however that a convicted predator can have free range to befriend our children? In this day and age where states can mandate that convicted sex offenders have to post "No candy at this residence" signs on their door on Halloween why don't they have to put a warning on their Facebook profile? I think there should be a big disclaimer emblazoned across their page saying "Convicted Sex Offender. I can't have friends under 18 years old." Their parole officers should be required to monitor their sites. Don't you think this is the least the system can do?

Mark Zuckerberg are you listening? Help us protect our children. If you can't keep the pedophiles and convicted sex offenders off of your site at least make them known. Moms across the world are counting on you.

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