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November 15, 2008

I am in love with a gay man but don't tell our husbands

1_2 Ok, maybe not IN love, but that headline surely got your attention.

There is a gay man in my life. An extraordinary gay man who has been in my life since... well since before he was gay? Of course not. But surely before he was out of the closet. We have been through the best and worst that life has to offer. At times when I was sure I could not go on another moment, he has been there to make me laugh and to keep me strong. In turn, I have run out in the middle of the night during a hail storm when he needed me. I would go to the ends of the earth for this man.

I have watched him struggle to have the things in his life that heterosexuals never think twice about. On a very happy day a few years back, Frank married his true love in the state of Massachusetts. They had a storybook celebration that was hands down the best wedding I have every attended. He has a wonderful husband and a strong happy marriage. Should this not be the right of every citizen of this country?

Apparently not. The passing of Prop 8 has been a tremendous blow to the LGBT community. Not only in the state of California, but across this nation. This is reverse evolution.

Frank has 2 full time jobs. He runs a very successful company while co-chairing the Empire State Pride Agenda. In this capacity he wrote a very moving piece about marriage equality. It was first posted on davidmixner.com and was picked up one day later by The Huffington Post Have I mentioned that Frank never does anything in a small way?

Here is a man who is already legally married. He is not fighting his own personal fight, but rather the battle for his community-at-large. In his own free time. With his own hard earned dollars.

I urge you all to read his passionate response to Prop 8 and call to action. And if you can, please give to The Empire State Pride Agenda and help them to end this intolerance for diversity in our nation.

Original 50-something Moms Blog post. Posted by Amy Zimmerman. Amy also blogs at i could cry but i dont have time and leaving the zip code.


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