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November 04, 2008

Call Your Mom & Tell Her You Voted…

1_5 … It Will Make Her Day.

This year my 19-year-old daughter voted for the first time in a Presidential election. We live in NY and she is attending a large university in the midwest. All day long we have been on the phone and IMing; discussing the election, the voting process and the excitement that surrounds this historic vote in the land of Academia.

She told me how they 'chalk' the sidewalks all over campus. I asked her to go out and document the excitement for me. She came back with 50 photos! The image above prompted her to call me right after she snapped it.

It surely did make my day!

It is hard to explain the pride of watching your child emerge into adulthood in the midst of this election. This is a young women who never paid a whole lot of attention to politics. Like most teens, her life was primarily egocentric. Don't get me wrong, she is highly principled and a wonderful human being, but she did not often step outside the microcosm of her life.

Now, as a sophomore with an emerging interest in declaring a major in communications, she is starting to pay closer attention to the community and world at large. The Get Out the Vote frenzy in Madison, Wisconsin has swept her up in it's wave of making of difference.

Once again, I am seeing the lemonade in the grave situation this country has found itself. Young people on college campuses across this country actually CARE about an election. They feel empowered by the right to vote. They are looking towards being change agents in the future way beyond the campaign slogan. It has been many years since we have witnessed this behavior.

Obama spoke during Primary season on this campus. In the freezing cold of a midwest winter students stood on line for almost an hour to hear a POLITICIAN speak. That is amazing! It kick-started the sentiment that truly anything can happen. Young people from both parties started to engage in the conversation.

I just heard David Patterson, Governor of the State of New York say, "They voted not out of fear, but out of hope."

Empowerment is the new apathy. Now that is a concept that makes THIS very proud mom's day!

Original 50-something Moms Blog post. Posted by Amy Zimmerman. Amy also blogs at i could cry but i dont have time and leaving the zip code.


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