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July 18, 2008

Acting My Age at BlogHer? Nah...

SanfranciscobaybridgeLast night's party for contributors to Silicon Valley Mom blogs was at a nightclub called Slide... named for the spiraling playground apparatus that serves as the club's entrance.

Can you say "age appropriate"?

Never mind that my 52-year-old body can barely handle happy hour any longer. The annual BlogHer conference (which kicks off today) was preceded by what seemed like an enormous number of cocktail parties... and as San Francisco is not exactly an economy destination, I was determined to get my share of free drinks.

Fortunately, I made it through the evening in one piece (even after tumbling down that damned slide), and I'm not hung over this morning (which would probably surprise anyone who was unlucky enough to get stuck in conversation with me last night, towards the end of the last party).

For those of us who share this weird compulsion to write about our interests and post them on the Internet for all to see, BlogHer affords us a unique opportunity: to actually MEET women we may have "known" for years through websites and emails. The most common sound at last night's Silicon Valley Moms group party (besides the clinking of glasses) was the high-pitched squeal we women tend to emit when we see an old friend... although this was more a case of delight at finally being able to match a face to a name.

I finally had the pleasure of TALKING to some of my fellow 50-Something Moms: Joanne, Tekla and  Myrna (and I got a glimpse of Cynthia, who was too deep in conversation for me to interrupt - but I plan to introduce myself today).

I don't know if they made as undignified an entrance as I... but there are still three more days for that. Watch this space for more reports on what's happening at the 2008 BlogHer conference.

Original 50-Something Moms blog post by Donna Schwartz Mills, who is splitting her BlogHer reports in three this week by also covering the conference at Los Angeles Moms and her personal site, SoCal Mom.


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