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June 20, 2008

Super Mom

Super_momLately, I’ve been feeling like super mom…yes I feel like I’m related to Hercules.

I feel like I’m climbing several mountains all in one day. Sometimes it starts in the morning from the moment I wake up…or even before I rise…to the time I go to bed (which is getting later and later these days)…I’m super mom.

I can do two loads of laundry…fill out my son’s college medical forms…call the repairman to fix my air conditioner…call the gutter guys to come clean the gutters on my house (especially since they are so full that weeds are growing out of them)…make breakfast and read the New York Times cover to cover while I eat my breakfast… and yes…I can do all this before I leave for a full day at work.

I can juggle multiple assignments and manage multiple staff members during the day…master mothering with a few text messages to my son (this is truly Herculean) and a few phone calls to my daughter…make some contacts for potential jobs for my newly graduated daughter…check hundreds of email messages…and yes…I can do all this in eight hours…eight hours flat.

I can make multiple phone calls on my drive home…calls to my mom in Florida…calls to my friends in distance places…calls to my kids…calls to my work colleagues if there are pressing issues that I didn’t address during the day…calls to make appointments with my doctors or dentist or hair stylist or hair colorist…and yes I can do all this during my 20 – 25 minute drive time depending on traffic and my navigation skills and route home for the evening.

I can make dinner (a balanced menu with protein, and salad or vegetable, and a carb side dish too)…put out the garbage and recyclables if it is Tuesday night…make a few more phone calls…pack lunch for my son (thank goodness this lunch deal is over now that my son is done with high school)…wash the dishes…do more loads of laundry, if necessary, or fold the loads of laundry that I already washed in the morning…call the repairman for some other part of my house that is falling apart…and I can do all this on 3 or 4 hours of peri-menopausal sleep (that is unless it is an evening following a Lunesta night then I’m wired with 6 hours of sleep).

And if it is Saturday…yes, on Saturday I also turn into a super duper mom…up early…doing more laundry…shopping for a week’s worth of food…some for my weekday meals and now also for weekend meals at my condo at the shore…I can go to Home Depot and purchase a mailbox to replace the mailbox that fell apart (truly a Herculean task…have you ever tried to buy a mailbox…there are so many sizes and shapes of mailboxes to choose from)…and I can manage to find someone to install my mailbox so I don’t have to figure out how to install it myself (another Herculean task)…I can spray Round-Up on my front walkway and pick out all the weeds (hate those weeds) that are growing between the stones…and sweep away the mulch that blew all over the stone walkway from the week’s rain…cook dinner…and enjoy a glass of wine that I purchased a the liquor store during my Saturday errands.

Oh…the list goes on and on…and in between all this running I try to fit in a little exercise so this 50 year old body can stay in shape…in good shape so I can maintain my super mom’s schedule…and my super duper mom’s schedule on the weekend.

And now that I’ve completed my eight weeks of ‘mindfulness meditation’ classes, I’m hoping that this super mom learns how to relax a little bit each day…yes…now that I know how to meditate I hope I can take a step back and relax for at least 20 minutes a day…it will be a new routine, but this super mom is ready to hang up her cape…to stop, breathe and be…for a little while before she revs up her engine again for another day.


Original 50 Something Moms Blog Post.  Judi is a 50 something mommy who also blogs about her 50 something life at aboomerslifeafter50.blogspot.com.


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