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November 20, 2007

Word World

Word_worldSince I have a blog called "Laptop Television Mom" you'd assume I watch a lot of television.  Um, you'd be correct.  That said, I mostly watch television after my kid goes to bed and I go back to work (yes, with my laptop on my lap).

BUT (in caps for emphasis), I am very picky about what my kid watches and how much she watches.  I allow her to watch Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and Clifford the Big Red Dog.  (Standard.)  She watches television during breakfast, with leniency on the weekend when I need to be domestic.

When I attended a Silicon Valley Moms Blog Party at BlogHer this summer, I received a press copy of a new PBS Kids show called Word World.  In all honesty, I played the DVD one Saturday afternoon when I couldn't stand the thought of watching another moment of Dora (and I needed to make dinner). Well, much to my surprise, it's a great show.  It's clever, beautifully animated, and smartly educational. My kid loves it.

The premise of the show is these delightful characters solve problems and ultimately learn to spell words.  The interesting thing is that the characters also are made of words. For example, the body of "Frog" is made from the letters F-R-O-G.  My favorite character is Shark, as his fin is made from the letter A.  It's really cute.

My kid is three, so it seems about right for her age. However, her six-year-old friend enjoyed it as well.  I am no expert in child-rearing, but I can recommend this new PBS Kids show wholeheartedly.

-- LTV Mom


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