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September 11, 2007

Memories and Reflections

Nyc_skylineWe have a large photo in our living room of the New York City skyline, taken some years before 2001, so I look at the World Trade Center pretty much every day.  Earlier this weekend we were channel-surfing and happened upon the beginning of the movie Flight 93 on HBO.  I had seen the end of the movie a couple of weeks ago, but this was the first time in a while I had seen the beginning. My 15 year old son, who had already seen this movie as well as the theatrical release United 93 watched with my husband and I. I couldn't stop thinking about the reactions of people working in air traffic control and the military when they realized what was happening, never mind the brave passengers of Flight 93 who made sure their's was the one hijacked plane that would not hit it's target.

I don't think anyone can forget where they were that day.  I was at work with my previous company and all we did was sit in a big conference room, watching the TV.  People were either in tears or stunned silence, and we all went home early.  One of my friends was very nervous about her brother who worked in one of the buildings close to the twin towers, but she heard from him in a couple of hours, he was fine.  But the New York office of our agency had clients there, including Cantor-Fitzgerald, so we knew there would be a huge impact there and we prayed they weren't in the building for meetings.  They weren't, but we did lose on recent former employee who was there.  And while I didn't personally know Mark Bingham, the San Francisco PR guy who was one of the heroes of Flight 93, many people I know did, but that wouldn't come out until a few days later.

The kids were a freshman in high school, twins in 5th grade, my youngest in 1st grade.  She's at a Jewish Day School, and I believe they closed early that day because no one was sure Jewish schools would be safe.  I know we must have talked about it, at the appropriate age level, but I honestly don't remember if we let them watch TV that night or in the days after.  Funny the things your mind blocks later on.

I've asked my colleagues at work to share their reflections, and I'm going to post them in a couple of hours on our office's blog.  Some of them are quite dramatic, since they were right there and lost friends and acquaintances.  Metrodad also has a poignant letter to a close friend he lost that day.

I know what we went through out here in the Valley and in San Francisco, but it is NOTHING compared to the citizens of New York City and OF COURSE those who lost loved ones or survived at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  My heart goes out to each and everyone of them.


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