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June 02, 2007

Mom With Three Young Kids Guide To Entertaining

I just learned the four things a mother of three young kids needs to host a dinner for a few other moms with kids:

  1. Catering by Trader Joes packaged, frozen and cold food(or any other convenient store), the "good" paper plates and plastic utensils.
  2. Lots of bubbles, costumes and toys for the kids to play with.
  3. A bottle of champagne for the moms to drink while the kids perform a "play".
  4. Taco_3 Make enough to have left-overs for the next two days to eat for lunch and dinner. Even if your kids say "mom, please, I can't eat another turkey burrito".


My husband and I enjoyed entertaining BK (before kids) and even after we had our first son. The key to that statement is "first son". Two more sons later (twins), and my courage to entertain was gone. Until now. My twins are 4 so I decided it was time to attempt entertaining again. I invited some blogger mom buddies over and their kids (because blogger moms understand the concept of a "not" so perfect house). Two made it, a total of thee moms and 6 young kids. Yikes? Not so.....

I decided that make your own turkey or bean burritos with lots of chips, salsa, guacamole, and crunchy vegetables would take care of everyone's needs. The best thing about that menu is that the turkey is the only thing that needs to be cooked. I threw in a box of frozen mini burritos and that was it. Unwrap some paper plates and napkins and the table is set. One of my wonderful guests brought a chocolate cake and the other a bottle of champagne. Not so bad at all.

I set up bubbles, chalk, ride on cars, scooters and a mini trampoline from Target. The costume box was filled and ready to go. And what do you know, everyone had fun. The kids were playing and the moms were chatting. Maybe it is possible for moms with three young kids to entertain, as long as there are super sized bubbles, burritos and champagne (bubbles for moms) available.