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March 12, 2007

addicted to American Idol

Kelly_2 Ruben









Taylor_hicks_2 I must admit that my addictions and obsessive remodel thoughts are getting the best of me.  I actually think that blogging is helping me admit that I am a little crazy these days.  But I must come 'out of the closet' and blog about my American Idol obsession.  I have watched this show from the Kelly Clarkson days, couldn't believe that Rubin beat Clay, liked Fantasia but thought La Toya should have taken away the winning title,  and knew that Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks would be our "American Idol".   Yes, I have been a devoted fan for years.... which is kind of crazy, because I don't really watch that much tv.  But man, I L-O-V-E, love, love this show.

So now we are on season six and I am already going bonkers! 

Let's just say that I have a few very opinionated thoughts:

  • How in the world is Haley and Sanjaya still here?  Really?  How did they make it this far?  How did my judges (Simon, Paula and Randy) put them through the final 20?  I am sure out of a hundred thousand (plus) contestants, you could and should have found better.....
  • THANK GOD Antonella is gone.  Seriously, she is gorgeous and I am sure will be the next host on E! Entertainment - but public, how did she make it this far?  I know is she from Jersey (Go Jersey Shore!), but she really was/is an awful singer. 
  • America got is SO W-R-O-N-G last week voting off Sabrina and Sundance!  Haley over Sabrina?  Sanjaya over Sundance?  Gessh America, what were you thinking?  When they announced the results, I screamed and scared the bejeebers out of my husband.

Lakisha My early predictions:  I think that Lakesha will take the title this season.  With that said, Chris, Stephanie, Melinda and Blake have a good if not great chance of winning, as well.    My seven year old daughter thinks that Blake or Melinda will win. 

  • When will the contestants learn NEVER to sing Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Moriah Carey, Celine or Christina songs? I would also like to make an educated guess that they should also stay away from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood songs - cause they don't want to be compared to previous winners.  Yes, BE ORIGINAL!  I mean, haven't these contestants seen seasons one through five?  Haven't the judges told previous idols to stay far away from these singers and their songs?  Minus Lakesha's Whitney song last week, no contestant has ever been able to "make those songs their own" or pull it off.  So take words of wisdom from the Silicon Valley Mom, stay away from those song choices.  (Cause listen up, I have seen seasons one through five, which makes me "in the know"...) 
  • Ok, now my early prediction for this week.  Sanjaya will be gone, outa here, bye-bye. He must.... sorry, I know he looks really sweet and cute,..... but he can't sing and his smile is creepy.  Well, he can sing, but not  at the same level as the rest of the contestants.  I almost could see him on a children's tv show or video.  Can't you picture Sanjaya singing with Oscar The Grouch on Sesame street - with that big grin, trying to cheer up the grumpy monster?  Ok, maybe not... but he has just gotta go.  bye, bye Sanjaya! See you somewhere else in tv land.

So, do you think I am a little too vested in this show? 


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