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January 30, 2007

Finding the Way to Spring Fashion

Here I am just realizing it's winter in Silicon Valley where a chill has been in the air this past a month and the rain finally began. Across the continent, tents are being put up in Bryant Park, New York City, where Fall Fashion Week for 2007 begins on Friday. Spring is entering the air of department stores (literally - through new fragrances) and I'm suddenly thrust into the dilemma: what do I wear now, and when do I dust off the spring clothes?

Actually, my decision has been made for me because we're moving next week. So my closet goes with me and the entire thing needs to be reorganized and I'll bring out some spring clothes then. The sad part is that my clothes must be smooshed into a smaller space in our new house. Gasp, you say? Why would a fashion fiend buy a house where she gets a smaller closet? Because, frankly, that's not my priority. My priority is my daughter and the new house is much better for her. End of discussion. As much as I love fashion, it's no match. (Like the pun? I made it myself.)

But back to fashion. Adriana Leshko, editor-at-large of ELLE.com had a nice quote on the site this week: "As someone who works from home (hence the "-at-large"), my lifestyle functions on one of two style settings: casual or cocktail. I'm either writing at home or dressing up and going out, with nary a fashion pit stop in between. And, because working in your pajamas is definitely NOT glamorous, I've developed a sixth sense for fashion-forward designers for whom comfort is not a dirty word." She went on to praise Stella McCartney for her comfort-conscious designs. I thought SVMoms would appreciate that.

For spring, don't fret - although it looks like the clothes came out of a bad sci-fi B movie where the 80's threw-up and some pastels ran through a shredder, there is beauty to be found. Dresses are everywhere - little white dresses, tunic dresses, shift dresses, shirt dresses, t-shirt dresses, dresses over pants, dresses with tiered skirts, dresses layered with other skirts and... you get the picture.

Rather than list everything here, I put the full list of spring-summer trends on my site. And if you're still interested in a high-level view of the collections from the spring fashion week, check out my post about that.

Now about how to make it all work. Fashion magazines have a very technical term for this time of year: "transition". I know it's silly, but if the shoe fits... That means how to integrate the spring clothes gradually into the winter wardrobe as the weather warms. First stop: anorak. (For those who don't know, Anorak is a fancy word for hooded rain jacket.) I bought mine in 1996 at REI in the mens' jacket department and it still works like a charm. That was worth the investment. Just baggy enough to fit sweaters under it when needed. Next stop: belts. Pick a dress, any dress, and throw either the skinniest belt in the world around it or the thickest, tightest corset belt you can find. Yeah, right. I'll be lucky if I can find time to unpack my belts, let alone wear one.

OK back to jeans. Skinny jeans are still in. Sorry, ladies. I'm just the messenger. So instead, I'll stop with the practical and move into my fantasy life - the dream closet in my head, patiently awaiting my picks for spring: a pair of Derek Lam peep toe wedge heels and a Proenza Schoeler wide horizontal striped pink and orange micro mini skirt. That's right - HORIZONTAL stripes. We only live once.

While we're belting up our trench coats and anoraks, dodging puddles and wind tunnels, picture white shirts, a-line skirts, wedge platforms, clutch bags, hoop earrings, satin bows, clear totes, cocktail rings and strapless gowns. Then make a plan to wear them.


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