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October 02, 2006


Manic_monday Welcome to Silicon Valley Moms Blog second MANIC MONDAY MASHUP!  Join us today with our friends from around the blogosphere as we look at posts from our favorite submissions on FOOD!

  • Melodee from The Amazing Shrinking Mom  has Choices and successfully fights off temptations of Krispi Kream and McDonalds while sharing great words of wisdom:  "It feels much better to review good choices thank regret bad ones". (I think I am going to tape that statement on my fridge door)
  • Kerri from My Name is Mommy wanted to know What Are You, Chicken?  With one child that eats nothing, another that eats anything, another that eats slowly and of course mom eats standing up.  (Sound familiar moms?)
  • Melissa from Making Things Up is Juiced.  As one of her commenter's stated, "You Poor Woman" after a disastrous day that ended up in a river of carrot juice.
  • Spinach anyone?  Babylune shares a recipe, Spinach Vichyssoise.  Here is what you can make after the e-coii scare and you want to give some greens to your baby.  (I don't think my kids ever ate spinach as a baby, yikes!)
  • We just love Danielle from Food Momiac, and she loves mussels... enjoy reading Mothers and Mussels with Danielle as she shares the French way of eating mussels while casting a spell on even the most picky eater, who now loves mussels too!
  • Laura from Adventures in Juggling hates ketchup and has Sad Thoughts Over Ketchup.  Though her little one LOVES ketchup..... and now sad memories come out because of this red sauce.  You have to check out the darling picture of her child and her brother as a little boy.  What a lovely tribute to your brother.....
  • While we are on the topic of ketchup, Binky Town has to say STOP because of where to place ketchup on her burger.  Husband says "You wonder why your son is such a picky eater".  She also has issues with mayo, sour cream, sausages, shrimp and beer.  Just gotta love this mom!
  • You Want To Know What Is For Dinner? I'll Tell You!  Capacious has a pile up of kids, cats and dogs on her foot, onions to chop and contemplates working full time so hubby will take on the task of future dinners. Sound familiar anyone?
  • Gwendolyn from Gwendomama is channeling Gwyneth Paltrow who named her child Apple. Are  Watermelon or Nectarine future names for this momma?
  • Silicon Valley Moms are closing the Mom's Cafe, having conversations over sushi, tackling pre-emptive eating, considering wine as a parenting aid, love their Indian food and wish their kids did too, have children that live on air and others that won't stop eating.

....and just in case you missed or want to revisit our Manic Monday Mashup on BACK TO SCHOOL......

Our next Manic Monday Mashup will be on Horror Stories For Halloween, though these don't have to be Halloween themed. We all know that parenting involves its share of way too sharp knives, blood, exorcist projectile vomiting, and the like.    Caveat - we're NOT looking for tragedy here, just a good horror story that ends with a twist and is basically funny.  We want some Halloween laughs, albeit a bit gory. 

Please submit all entries to info@svmoms.com by Friday, October 27, 2006.  Our top ten selected posts will be featured on Silicon Valley Moms Blog Manic Monday Mashup, Monday, October 30, 2006 (just in time for Halloween!)


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