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September 04, 2006

Manic Monday Goes Back to School

Manicmonday_2 September's Silicon Valley Moms Blog Manic Monday Mash-Up looks at back to school. Moms packed lunches, took photos, and shed tears. Lots and lots of tears.

Gwendomama sent her kindergartener off to school carrying a rose and wearing black hightops. She didn't cry until she saw the other moms sobbing at the back to school coffee. Aahh, peer pressure, we never get away from it.

Robyn, at our own SVMB, started crying when she realized that drive-to-school traffic doubled her morning commute to the office.

June at Blogmamas knew she'd have "That One Kid" (scroll down, underneath "Back to School with Starbucks")  who had to be peeled screaming away from her leg; and she lived to blog about it.

Susan at Friday Playdate sent her youngest off to preschool, but has no idea how to talk about what it feels like. She's looking for an Official MommyBlogging Handbook. Anybody got one?

Jenny at Three Kid Circus also sent her youngest to preschool for the first time; where she learned about crack. Meanwhile, Jenny flirted with the local firemen.

Meanwhile, Katie is mired in back-to-school-guilt, as she annually questions her choice to send her kids to public schools.

Kerri at My Name Is Mommy tells us that homeschooling moms still have to get themselves up too early--and then, even worse, wake up their kids.

Jennster got hit on by a third grader, kids are growing up waayyy too fast these days.

Babalooo sent her tweens off to school, in spite of their complaints about getting up early so she could take pictures. To her credit, we can tell the kids picked out their own clothes.

And, our laugh-out-loud favorite: Emma at Mommyhasaheadache survived a meeting with a cast of way-too-overprotective parents; not only survived, she left it with an idea for a new business!

Thanks to all who submitted, and congrats to the top ten.

Next month, get your entries in by Thursday, Sept. 28th, for the October Manic Monday Mash-Up, posting on Oct. 2nd. Send them to info@svmoms.com. October's topic: food your kids eat, food they don't, food you pack in their lunchbox, food you eat, food you drop on your brand new rug, food that's turning into a science experiment in the back of your minivan; send us your favorite blog post about food.


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