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June 24, 2008

About Rocky Mountain Moms Blog

Rocky Mountain Moms Blog. is a member of the Silicon Valley Moms Group. Other blogs in the group include Silicon Valley Moms Blog, DC Metro Moms Blog, New York City Moms Blog, Chicago Moms Blog, Los Angeles Moms Blog, 50-Something Moms BlogOhio Moms BlogNew Jersey Moms Blog, Deep South Moms Blog, Canada Moms Blog, and Philadelphia Moms Blog.

Come Meet The Rocky Mountain Moms Blog Contributors!

Avivas_shoot_036_smaller Aviva is very excited to be the first contributing member to Rocky Mountain Moms Blog! How she went from living in Broomfield,CO, collecting money from medical insurance companies to living in Loveland, blogging about anything and everything parenting is a very odd, completely disjointed story with no obvious rhyme or reason.

Suffice it to say, when Aviva isn’t blogging over at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog, she is singing and dancing as a member, script writer, choreographer and Stage Director with Loveland Choral Society . Aviva loves it when she can go to the Rialto Theatre and bark out directions to people who actually listen to her (most of the time). Aviva also has a less bossy side.  She is a certified parent educator and child development specialist who built and developed the Loveland/Berthoud Parents as Teachers (PAT) program, helped establish the Har Shalom Preschool, and has been known to make obscene phone calls help at her husband's office when not schlepping a child to high school, middle School or elementary School.

Aviva is an author of the award winning book “Mommy Guilt: Learn To Worry Less, Focus on What Matters Most and Raise Happier Kids" and Spanish edition "Mama Culpable."   Lately, Aviva spends all of her free time (between midnight and 3 AM) hammering at her keyboard attempting to start finish another book with Devra. Aviva and Devra also travel the world together encouraging and empowering anyone and everyone to enjoy parenthood as much as possible. Aviva is a featured expert on PBSParents.Org. Aviva's commentary can be found in The Boston Globe, Parenting Magazine, and BabyCenter as well as many other impressive places which do not require she drive, write a script, or give any directions what so ever to get there.

Brie Asia 070 A native of Boulder, Colorado, Brie can't seem to find any other place in the world she'd rather live.  Though she's been fortunate enough to try many places.  From NYC to New Zealand, SE Asia, Japan, Nepal and India, Brie has traveled the world seeking adventure and stories to share.  When she is in Boulder long enough to appreciate it, she is a 6th grade Language Arts Teacher and has been for 6 years.  Aside from teaching, she recently finished her first women's fiction novel set in India, When Muddied Water Settles, and is working on finding publication.    

Brie found a diamond in the rough in college: her now husband Luke.  After many years of distance and countless foreign adventures together, the two became parents in August 2009 to sweet Cora Rose.  When she is not catching up from early mommy-hood sleep deprivation, Brie can be found making light of things on her blog: Brie's Blunderings.


Dwb_park2 Once upon a time Daphne moved to Colorado. Then she moved back to NY. Then (because figuring out where you belong is really hard) she moved back to Colorado, which she now calls home along with her husband of 10 years and their two daughters, Kira and Acadia.

Daphne gave up life as a hospital executive with nary a backwards glance,  and now spends her days shmearing peanut butter, driving to swimming lessons, and fielding pop-quizzes from her 5- and 7-year olds on such wide-ranging topics as politics, religion and anatomy. She has published articles in Mother Verse and Earnshaw’s magazines and is a contributing writer at The Mama Bird Diaries. With just five extra hours a day she swears she could finish her novel, become more active at the kids’ school and achieve inner peace.

Daphne is trying to save the world, but marching the family down the green path isn’t always easy. She chronicles her attempts, the successes and failures, at her site A Greener Biener.


-13  Back in August of 1994, Denise packed her bags, loaded up her car to the gills, waved goodbye to her native New York and headed west. Fast forward to fifteen years later, she married the guy that had the courage to tour around the country with her, earned a teaching degree, gave birth to two beautiful daughters, and couldn't imagine calling any place other than Colorado home.

Today Denise stays at home with her girls and finds herself dabbling in just about everything from baking to hiking to Graduate School at the University of Colorado. While her hubby is off chasing snow for his job, you can find the girls seeking out some new adventure daily. For a glimpse into her life, stop by EatPlayLove where Denise has been tinkering around her personal blog since 2007.

IMG_2207 Every day is up for grabs in Joan's life.  She has an awesome and supportive husband who even after over twenty years of marriage makes her smile every day.  Their three mostly-perfect kids are in various stages of growing up, constantly reminding her that the possibilities of the future are very bright indeed.  The two puppies she brought home last year challenge her every minute and give her a whole new kind of joy.  Her parents and in-laws both recently relocated to Colorado, bringing lots of love and the need for a table extension at weekly family dinners.

Long ago, she volunteered so much at her kids' elementary school that they eventually gave her a job running the computer lab.  About ten years ago, her heart stopped beating one morning.  That event, and subsequent pacemaker, make her a little more grateful than the average person for every sunrise.  When her kid-chauffeuring days were over, she joined up with her good friend Nancy and started a business (Simple Moves), co-authored a book (Organize Pack Move!) and found her voice in their blog (JustTheRightThings).

She is not fond of shopping for clothes or people who fail to give a "courtesy wave" after merging in front of her when driving.  She wishes she were more spontaneous.  She loves learning new things, eating Mexican food and drinking a really cold beer on a really hot summer's day.

Kalli Profile 003Growing up, Kalli thought she knew it all and made sure that everyone within earshot was aware of that fact...eventually she went to college, graduated, moved to the coast, moved back, got married, started a family, and finally realized she didn't know squat.

In spite of that fact, she soldiers on in the quest to conquer her version of domesticity next to Paul, her slightly shorter husband, their toddler son, and a dumb dog named Gus.

Her life is good and you can read more about it on her blog "My Life as a Kalli."

Bio Pic Constantly discovering or rediscovering aspects of herself that only parenthood and the wisdom of an infant can bring, Kylie I. was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, and has more-or-less lived in Colorado all her life. The slight exception? Studying in London and traveling through Europe. After six months, she packed her bags and hopped the pond  back to Colorado, anxious to return to the familiarity of her family, friends and most importantly… the man she'd falled in love with long-distance style.

Since that time, Kylie I. said “I Do”, took on coordinating other people’s social events and corporate meetings with 10ish years in the hospitality industry while entertaining dreams of parenthood in the back of her mind. Fast forward to May of 2009 when she and Douglas fell head-over-heals in love with parenting as they were graced with the birth of their first born - a little girl. Kylie I. now finds herself a full time Stay-at-Home Mommy who couldn’t be lovin’ life more.

New to the blogging world, Kylie I. has yet to create her own personal blog. However, between diaper changes, play dates and modern-day Mommying… she may just get around to that… maybe.

Lisa Lisa C., a longtime Colorado Springs resident, spends far more time collecting recipes, Photoshop tips and writing advice than she does improving her repertoire in any of those pursuits. She -- along with her husband of nearly 30 years -- raised three daughters of consecutive ages through the tumultuous teen years and into adulthood without tearing out anyone's hair. Payment for that incredible feat came in the form of a much-loved grandson, spawn of the middle daughter. Her oldest and youngest daughters still owe her.

Lisa blogs daily at Grandma's Briefs and is a member of the Vibrant Nation Blog Circle.

Img_0313_2 After a year and a half of traveling I-70 to see one another, Mandi moved from Kansas City to Denver in 2004 to be with her now husband, Bill (and to enjoy good hair days).  She spent her pre-Mommy days successfully selling radio and internet advertising for several national and local companies.  For many years Mandi rescued dogs and fostered them until they found homes.  That's how they ended up with Baxter, a Beagle/Dachschund mix who has no use for people, and Cosmo, a Golden Retriever who will offer his paw to anyone in the vicinity.

Mandi and Bill moved to a wonderful neighborhood in June 2007 where it appeared that strollers and Golden Retrievers were mandatory.  Two months later they found out they were having a baby (they already had the Golden), so they've been allowed to stay in the neighborhood.  Now they've proudly become "those" people and are in love with their son and their neighborhood.

Mandi's days are happily spent at home with their son, cleaning up drops of milk on the floor from the launching of sippie cups.  She also sells spatulas for The Pampered Chef while trying to come up with the SAHM idea into the next million dollar business.

Good bio photo

In her 17 years in Colorado, Melospiza has passed through several incarnations (although she's no closer to enlightenment, alas)--wildlife technician, house cleaner, lab rat, grad student, mom. After spending the past year helping kids Silas (born 2001) and Helen (born 2004) adjust to our new life in South Suburban Denver, she recently returned to full-time work. Melospiza also writes at Melospiza.


Mail  After living in Miami, Florida, for almost 20 years, Roxana A. Soto moved to the Rockies with her husband to be close to her family, as she was about to become a mom and didn't want to go at it alone.

Born in Peru, she has lived in Mexico, Argentina and South Africa and has been lucky enough to travel a lot - one of her passions. Another one is writing and that's why she became a journalist and ended up working as a television producer for many years... until she decided it was time to have kids, and quit. She now has a 3.5 year old daughter and a 5 month old son, and she can't imagine her life without them. Sometimes she wishes for another child, but then she remembers how crazy her life already is and stops being delusional.

Besides lovingly bearing two children, she has spent the last four years as a freelance writer/producer/translator (anything that can make her some bucks, allowing her to stay home). Last year, together with a college friend, she co-founded SpanglishBaby, a site where parents raising bilingual and bi-cultural children can find expert + peer advice, informative articles and product reviews. Oh, yeah, and in her "free" time, Roxana helps her husband run JAG Photography, their portrait studio specializing in maternity + infant photography. 

-29 Suzanne Bastien is Crunchy Green Mom, a single mom to six amazing children ranging in age between 1 and 17 years. Juggling high school age children, a full time job with a local school district, a dating life to a wonderful man and his 5 year old son, blogging and managing to sneak in a work out and sleep has kept this mom on her toes for years.

A transplant from her native Texas, having vowed never to leave her new home in Colorado, she fell in love with the horizon of the mountains. Want to know how to find cleaner hair dyes? Make up that is natural and good for you? Or perhaps want to know how well plates made out of leaves work? She’s the one to ask. Six kids, two doves, a family trying to leave behind less of a footprint, and more of a memory! She can be found on Twitter and most everywhere else as Crunchy Green Mom.

The Management Team:

Jill_asher018_2 PARTNER - SILICON VALLEY MOMS GROUP & CO-FOUNDER: Jill Asher is the co-founder of Silicon Valley Moms Group.  The idea came to Jill over two years ago (March 2006) to start Silicon Valley Moms Blog, after she finished her one year "Presidency" of PAMP. After inviting friend after friend to join this "crazy idea" that moms would want to write about parenting experiences in their regional area, Jill has watched Silicon Valley Moms Group blossom into over nine collaborative blogging communities.

By far, her biggest challenge and greatest joy is motherhood. Jill and her husband are the proud parents of two elementary school aged daughters.  Jill admits that she is NOT A PERFECT PARENT and fears her daughter's teenage years. Her girls can be heard running around the house screaming, "Mommy is blogging again!" and she needs to bribe from time to time them with treats.  Is she allowed to admit that? On the bright side, Jill really digs living in Silicon Valley and tries her best to blend in, praying that no one will hear her "New Jersey accent". Unless, of course, she is royally upset. 

Jill handles PR, Marketing, Business Development and outreach for this collaborative community.  

Bethblecherman1718depolophotograp_5 Beth Blecherman (Chief Technology Mom) is a techie turned blogger mom who is in charge of blogging technology and development for the Silicon Valley Moms Group network. She also works on the outreach/development to obtain new bloggers and organizing events for the network.  Beth started her career in application development, then system auditing and her last role was Senior Manager, Computer Process Integrity, for Deloitte.  Beth's personal blog is on tips, tricks, and discussions about parents use of technology for their families (Techmamas).  When not blogging, she can be found on Twitter, Facebook and tooling around other new online social networking sites... 

Tekla_n_017crop_2MANAGING MEMBER, SILICON VALLEY MOMS GROUP: Tekla S. Nee, a cofounder of the Silicon Valley Moms Group, serves as editor-in-chief and CFO for the network of blogs. She has been writing about parenting for more than 25 years for magazines like Parenting, BabyTalk, Working Woman, Special Reports: Family, and Better Health and Living. She blogged for five years before there was such a word, writing a weekly column about about her life with three kids for the Palo Alto Daily News. She's published three books, The Mommy Rescue Guide First Year; The Mommy Zone: Tales from the Trenches of Parenthood; and The Everything Baby's First Year Book (also published in Russian and Chinese). And that's just in her spare time, during the day, she masquerades as a mild-mannered technology journalist working for a major metropolitan magazine.

Linsey Krolik profile-1 PARTNER - SILICON VALLEY MOMS GROUP: Linsey Krolik joined the management team of Silicon Valley Moms Group as a Partner in October 2009, after serving as the company's lawyer, book club editor, and a contributing writer for Silicon Valley Moms Blog since July 2007. Linsey has been a technology, media, and business lawyer and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for the past ten years.  Before operating her solo law practice, which she started shortly after the birth of her twins in 2004, Linsey was Corporate Counsel for ARM, Inc., a United Kingdom-based intellectual property company and worked for a variety of tech companies in the Silicon Valley, including Palm, Inc, OmniSky Corporation, and 3Com Corporation. Linsey holds a combination JD/MBA degree from Santa Clara University School of Law with a concentration in High Technology Law and in Marketing and has been a member of the California State Bar Association since 2002. She is the co-author of the book "Virtual Incorporation: A Lawyer's Guide to Forming Virtual Corporations," which was published by the American Bar Association in 2009. She is a speaker and teacher, having spoken at BlogHer'08 and taught at Solo Practice University and Outside the Cube. Linsey is very active in her community, sitting on the board of several local organizations as President and in other Board of Director roles. She is a twin mom (plus one more makes three kids aged 6 and under), a twin herself, and a cancer survivor. In addition to writing at Silicon Valley Moms Blog, she writes at her personal blog, Me Too You, and at her twins club's blog Mad About Multiples. Linsey handles business development, advertising and legal issues for SV Moms Group.


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