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April 22, 2009

10 Reasons Why Raising Kids in NYC City Rules

-4 I have had to defend my choice of raising my kids in NYC City to many the suburban friend and acquaintance over the course of 15 years. Here is my list of why I have chosen to raise my kids in New York City:

1. They do not spend Friday and Saturday nights at the Mall.

2. They can run, bike, scooter and skateboard in Central Park--the most glorious Park anywhere.

3. They can walk to their friends homes by themselves.

4. A field trip to a museum means a 5 block walk from school, or a ride on the crosstown bus.

5. They learn about diversity the moment they step outside the door.

6. They can go to the Orthodontist by themelves (at 15).

7. They can walk to the corner deli by themselves (at 12).

8. Seeing a Broadway show means a subway ride, not a long car ride with crabby siblings and parents trying to find the nearest and least expensive parking garage.

9. Wherever you are in the city, you are never more than a bus ride away from live music, dance, sporting events and an unending supply of cultural opportunities.

10. A quick dinner in the neighborhood means any number of ethnic cuisines, not Italian at Olive Garden.

And to answer any additional questions from my well-meaning suburban friends: 

Yes, my kids can and do play sports.

Yes, I do feel it is safe to live here.

No, my kids aren't growing up any faster in the city than I did in the 'burbs.

Yes, we LOVE it here.

This is an original post to the nycmomsblog.com

Pamela is the co-author of City Baby: a resource guide to having a baby in New York. She is also the co-founder of MYOBMoms--an organization dedicated to helping SAHM's return to the workplace (MYOBmoms.com). She is proud to raising her City Babies in NYC.


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