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September 09, 2008

What I Did For Summer Vacation....

4 On a sweltering day in mid-July, I found myself confronting two small, pink, sweltering faces.  Their mouths down turned in anguish saying, "We don't want to go to the park!!"  Our summer plans had been  exciting, I thought.  No schedule.  No get-up-and-go.  No tennis at noon.  Soccer at 1.  Tae Kwon Do at 2. Computer at 3 etc.,. We would spend our days in pajamas if we liked.  Having breakfast at lunch-time and doing endless creative art projects and cooking.  We would fly  by the seat of our pants for day trips and outings. 

By mid-July we'd gone on a road trip to Maine, stopped by for a family party in Connecticut, gone on a 5 day vacation with friends, attended the Midsummer Solstice Swedish festival in Wagner Park and gone to the top of the Ritz Carlton to have "drinks" and watch the Staten Island Ferry and other boats transversing the lower waters of Manhattan all under the watch of Ms. Liberty.  All was going well until our adventures became confrontations with asphalt playgrounds where what I thought was an old water balloon turned out to be a used condom, and I sat obsessing about the content of the NYC grit under my children's feet in the sprinklers.  We were at a sweaty standstill and I wasn't getting anything accomplished, to boot.

I hopped on the computer, clicking away and randomly signed them up for yoga and art camp at Kripalu, a yoga retreat and former Ashram in the Berkshires.  Due to my late reservation, we got their last room--one without its own bathroom or sink.  We gave kisses to Daddy, piled in the car and drove up to Stockbridge.

Upon arrival we discovered there was no air conditioning at Kripalu and you can't lock your rooms.  As for luggage?  Happy lugging.  Now you know where the name came from. The camp orientation for the wee ones began at 7:45PM.  That's normally their bedtime so at 9:30PM sitting in a puddle of sweat, in our A/C free, unlocked room, I put them to bed and proceeded to cry.  No, not namaste!!!  Then a little magic happened.  An incredible downpour came at about 1AM, and this beautiful cool, breeze flew in our windows with a fragrant, mossy sweet smell.  And in the morning the two wee ones went off to yoga camp and came back later covered in body paint and showing me warrior 3 and tree pose.   Me?  I had written the first few pages of a novel I had wanted to tackle for years. 

For two weeks they frolicked.  Swimming in the lake, doing yoga and wizardry and wearing bindis while I wrote in their cafe.  We shared a bathroom, which was...fine.  We had silent breakfasts and by the end of two weeks, we were all feelin' groovy!

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