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December 02, 2007

My New York Mom Rookie Mistakes

AndiI made the rookie mistake of taking the kids to "story hour" at the JCC yesterday.  Cookies, juice, stories...what could be better?  Our 3 year old didn't have school because of "staff development day," so we needed something to do.  Great idea. Bad execution.  It turned out to be cookies and chaos.  Too many kids.  Too much noise.  We couldn't hear a thing, and when our 20 month old started climbing onto my head, we left.  I should have known better.

Unfortunately, I've made bad decisions like this before.  Decisions that I knew were misguided, but that I made anyway.  I call them "rookie mistakes."  Your instinct is saying, "Don't do it.  You'll regret this.  It's not worth it."  But for some reason, against your better judgment, you do it any way. So what's the good news?  You rarely make the same mistake twice.   

Here are my other Top Ten New York Mom Rookie Mistakes.

10. Picking a pediatrician on the opposite side of the city.

9.  Leaving the stroller's plastic rain shield at home, despite the cloudy skies.

8.  Pushing our double stroller through a snow storm to go to music class.

7. Trying to breastfeed a newborn while chasing a toddler around Central Park.

6. Volunteering to be Class Parent at school. (This one, I actually did twice. Masochist).

5. Losing a fantastic nanny because I told her I worked from home and only needed part-time help. (I did not make this mistake the second time around).

4. Trying to drive out of Manhattan, with a newborn and toddler in the car, at 6 p.m. on a Friday night.

3. Believing another mom in our building playroom when she said, "Oh his cough is nothing. He's not really sick."

2.  Going to Fairway the day before Thanksgiving.

1. Taking our toddler to Fairway the day before Thanksgiving.

So what are your New York Mom Rookie Mistakes?  Do tell. Help me avoid future blunders.

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