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April 08, 2009

Admit it, when you think of New Jersey you think of malls

Mail.google.com It is true, right? You hear that someone is from New Jersey and you think mall rat. Even though I did not grow up in New Jersey I still grew up in an area where going to the mall on the weekends was a popular thing to do.  When I moved to Manhattan after college I was loving the fact that I never had to visit another mall again. The mall represents the chain stores, and the chotsky stores. Now that I live in New Jersey I still have an aversion to malls. Today I changed my mind, all hail the malls !!!

Today was the first day of my daughter's spring break. We are not heading out on vacation this year. Which means I have planned little day trips for every day, because the thought of staying in the house with a 4 1/2 year old and a 2 1/2 year old pretty much scares the poop out of me. The plan for today was to head to the mall to have lunch at Johnny Rockets, go on a few of the mall rides, hit the Disney store, and then a visit to the Easter Bunny.

We had an excellent day. By the time we were leaving the mall my younger was crawling out. It was a fun filled day and they were worn out. What more could you ask for. I can't believe I have been avoiding the mall for the past 5 years. What was I thinking? The rest of the week we have a visit to the aquarium, a trip to the city for lunch with Dad at Mars 2112, and a visit to Grandma's. If any of these trips has to be cancelled, no worries we will just had to the mall. 

This is an original post for New Jersey Moms Blog, Fiona Charles is a pen name. She blogs over at Mommyvents.com.


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