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October 20, 2008

Fat Talk

1103047 If I were to ask a doctor, I would be considered obese. I have been this weight for about eight years. Before I had my children I was a weight that would have given me a BMI rating in the overweight category. Even in high school, I just barely slipped myself under the line to be labeled normal. All of this is to say that I have always struggled with my weight. This struggle lately has taken the form of trying to be comfortable in my skin. I struggle with the fear that I will pass my body issues onto my daughters. So much of society sees me and my body as a problem. Lately I’ve been trying to not see it as a mark of shame—with greater and lesser success depending on the day.

I have some friends who are very into the Health at Every Size approach. (Shapely Prose is a great place to start looking into it if you’re interested.) And at that site they focused on a video put together by Delta Delta Delta sorority focusing on the issue of Fat Talk. They provide statistics about the damage of focusing on weight and call for a fat talk free week. And while the official week is technically over, you should still check out the video.

Share it with a friend, share it with a daughter. Share it with yourself.

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