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August 02, 2008

It's Not Easy Going Green...

Imgset ...Okay, it's more like going Light Green.   I am not going to start bicycling my own electricity, or bicycling anywhere for that matter;  I am doing it for my son, for his health, period.

When I was pregnant with Tyler, I took the best care of myself ever.  Eating right, meditation, pre-natal yoga.   I had never done any of that stuff before, but with my little baby growing inside me I became a Vessel of Perfection.  I bought all types of pregnancy books, including three kinds on pregnancy gear alone.  Tyler would have the best bottles, the best formula (being on so many medications, breastfeeding was not an option, unfortunately), the best educational toys...you get my point.

But when Tyler was a little over a year old, I started reading about the dangers of BPA.

Here's an article in case you have been living under a rock: http://baby.families.com/blog/minimizing-your-babys-exposure-to-bpa.  It's just one of many, of course.  I started reading about how BPA was in Tyler's bottles, Tyler's toys, even in the cans of his formula!  Just when I am getting over my post-partum issues, now this!  I used to weep about all the harm I had unknowingly caused my precious child.  My husband thought I was crazy.

Of course, it doesn't end there, Tyler's not on formula or bottles any more.  BPA is in his sippy cups, his dishes, his utensils, his toys!  What have I done?! 

And it's not just BPA, it's Parabens, 1,4 Dioxane and many others that potentially can cause cancer in those sweet-smelling Names You Know and Trust baby shampoos,  body washes and lotions.   Do you mean to tell me that all the precious times I was bathing my baby, I was possibly contributing to giving him a terminal disease?  Ahhhhhhh!

A part of me thinks, is it too late for Tyler?  Should I just call it a day for him and start on another kid?  Why couldn't he have been born this year, when I am so much more informed?

I guess I am just going to do what I can now that I know.  Tyler's body wash, toothbrush, and toothpaste have been changed and BPA-free sippy cups, plates, utensils, and food storage containers are on order.   It's hopefully time for this mind-blown Mommy to relax and lay her baby down to sleep...Wait, what's this?  5 Problems with Baby Mattresses...Ahhhhhhhhhh!

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