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November 03, 2008

A Christian against Prop 8

3 I accepted Christ and was baptized at a conservative evangelical church, but I've heard some conservative evangelicals say that Obama supporters like me can't possibly be Christians. So I might as well come out and say it: I think Prop 8 is wrong and I'm voting against it.

The church I attend now is less conservative than my old church, probably because it consists mostly of 20 and 30-somethings, many of whom are burnt out and disillusioned by the old Christian Right dogmatism. But there are still plenty of one-issue voters and there are as many McCain supporters among my friends as there are Obama supporters. But generally speaking there is a live and let live attitude to politics at my church, a breath of fresh air after the palpable pressure I felt at my old church to fall in line with the conservative majority. In fact, Prop 8 was the first political issue that made it into my church's mothers' mailing list, a list that had formerly been a sanctuary for prayer requests, playdate planning and advice.

That is, until a "Vote Yes on Prop 8" e-mail landed in my mailbox, complete with a link to a video about how our little children would be taught about gay marriage in school. I went around steaming for hours, trying to figure out a way to graciously respond.

Luckily, since I'm not always so good at gracious and articulate responses when I'm particularly riled up, someone beat me to the punch. In a non-confrontational way, another mother from our church shared a link to a video by Adventists Against Prop 8, who think that voting no on Prop 8 is an important way of protecting religious liberty by not imposing the will of the majority on the minority. She and I are probably in the minority at our church, but both of us find it reprehensible that we would try to restrict a person's right to choose their own course in life as long as it does not infringe on others' rights and liberties. Why should Christians get to dictate who gets to marry and who doesn't? It's undeniably a difficult issue for thoughtful Christians, even Obama has struggled with his position (who, if you haven't heard, is a socialist! oh me, oh my!) but we are a pluralistic country. That pluralism is essential to the freedom of religion. My religion. Your religion. Everybody's religion (or lack thereof). So whatever you believe about homosexuality is irrelevant - we should not be trying to establish Christian law (whatever that is) in this country. God help us if we become the Christian version of Iran. It's the way it should work in this great, free country of ours - I protect your rights in part because in protecting your rights, I also protect my own.

Amending the California constitution to specifically discriminate against same-sex couples is, I believe, wrong and unfair and it sets a dangerous precedent. Besides, we as Christians should quit being tools of the Christian Right political apparatus and start looking at the issues that Jesus actually spent his life's work on. There's simply no contest in comparing the instances in which Jesus talked about gay marriage and the instances he talked about taking care of the sick and needy and - wait for it - loving your brother and not being hypocritically judgmental.

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