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March 23, 2009

I Can't Be the Only One That Feels This Way, Can I?

-6 I love my children.  All three of them.  I love their soft pink smell and their cute little toes.  I love their sponge-like brains and their quirky need to line things up or have socks pulled down.  I love the fact that I grew them in my body for nine months and had the pleasure of keeping them all mine until it was time for them to join the world.  I love their hugs and the constant need they have to sit in someone's lap.  I love that they look adorable in pajamas that are too small and only ever pick out socks that don't match.  I love them.  

I love them each as individuals and I love them as the collective group called 'my babies.'  I love them for who they are and who they are learning to be.  But every once in a while, every once in a blue moon, I find that I really, really, really don't like them.  

Now, I'm sure I'm about to lose my membership in the mommy club, but it's true.  The love I have for my children is unfailing, everlasting, and ingrained in my soul.  But, damn, if they don't make it hard to like them sometimes!  It's not all the time and it's never all three at once, but sometimes the cuteness wears off, the irritation sets in, and I think to myself that if this were a friendship this is the point where I would quit calling for a while.  

But, I can't do that.  I must tolerate the fact that the baby thinks it is brilliant to pull on my shirt sleeve when I'm trying to type. Or that she only manages to grab the arm hair in a manner that can only be described as 'really freakin' painful.'  I must look past the habit my oldest has at pointing out exactly how often you said or did something that was incorrect, false, inaccurate, or just plain wrong.  I must remember that she's learning about the world and, hopefully, is not trying to make me stick my tongue out at her on purpose.  I must realize that my son will grow out of the 'screaming,whining,I can reach volumes only a dog can hear' phase and will eventually be able to ask for things and express himself in a normal voice.  



Oh, is this why God made them cute!?

An Original Deep South Moms Blog Post.  ChristinaY also writes about her adventures and misadventures in motherhood at MamaNeena.  


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