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July 24, 2008

No Perfect Mothers

MichelleandgracechurchAt BlogHer last weekend, I met some new moms with babies and toddlers. It was bittersweet to remember my early days as a mom.

I spent the first few years as a mother very stressed out.  I was trying to be the "perfect mother" and do it ALL----career, kids, husband----with the ease that I saw on TV.

I thought "other moms" were able to do it.  I constantly beat myself up for not being able to pull it off.  Even to some of my closest friends, I did not admit how unhappy I was.  After a few years as a mom, I relaxed a little and found a way to be a mother but also be MYSELF.  Not exactly June Cleaver but it works for our family.

My girls have learned to cook early because I can “burn water”.  One Summer, the girls traveled the country with me to tire sale events for a retail client. We had a blast and my girls became amazing sales women.

I try to put new moms at ease by telling them some of my funny "new mom" stories.  I hope my stories help them realize if I can raise kids, anyone can.  Being yourself is so much better than trying to be "perfect".   

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