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October 27, 2008

Cancel on me, please!

4 Last night my friend called me to cancel our play date for this morning. While she felt horribly guilty for doing it at the last-minute, I actually felt a bit of relief when I listened to her voicemail message.

Don't get me wrong, my son and I very much look forward to the chance to talk (me) and play (him) with our good buddies. We live a solid 40 minute drive from our friends but have done a good job of getting together once a month, alternating our visits, over the past two years. Lucas and his little buddy get along really well. They're both rough and tumble boys and they each love the new-to-them abundance of trucks and trains at the other's house.

Two weeks ago, I had a lunch scheduled with a good friend during my only possible window for a weekday lunch--at 1pm on my half day of work. At 8am that morning, she e-mailed to cancel. A former colleague, boss, mentor and all-around good friend, I very much look forward to our rare lunches. Yet, I wasn't crushed that she cancelled. In fact, I was a bit excited about it!

If this play date and lunch were so highly anticipated, why in the world was their cancellation met with relief and excitement?

Because a canceled play date = a free morning and a cancelled lunch = a free afternoon!

I admit it: I over-schedule my our life. Plain and simple. Whenever I look at the calendar I always think that our schedule is do-able. Then, in the throws of packed days and meeting-filled nights, I long for some down time. Time to just hang out.

This morning's canceled play date meant lazing around in our jammies (while playing trucks, of course) and a chance to hop on-line to write this post. Canceled lunches give me time for solo-grocery shopping (any mom knows that is a true luxury!) or an afternoon nap (sometimes a necessity!). And when the cancellation comes at the last minute, there is almost no chance I'll be able to fill it up again. That's an added bonus!

So here's a message to all my friends: I do love spending time with you and thoroughly look forward to our get-togethers. But, don't feel guilty if you have to cancel, especially at the last minute. You're really giving me a gift. (But, let's be sure to reschedule soon: I'm pretty booked for the next few weeks!)

Original post to DC Metro Moms. In her spare moments, Aimee blogs at www.smilingmama.blogspot.com.


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