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June 30, 2008

Happy Half Birthday To You!

CakeI'm a sucker for birthdays. Mine. Yours. Doesn't matter: I love to celebrate birthdays!

My own birthday, in early June, comes at both a good and bad time of the year. On one hand, it is half a year away from that other major-gift-receiving holiday, Christmas. On the other hand, during my school years, my birthday almost always fell during the last week of school. Not a good time for an in-school birthday party. I always felt like I got the short end of the sick on that one.

And so, I feel particularly guilty about my son's birthday which falls just a few days before Christmas. So far, we've had nice, family birthday parties for him and I don't think he's noticed or minded the proximity to Christmas.

But, then again, he's only had two birthdays!!

I fully anticipate problems to come in the years ahead. Complaints of us taking one of his Christmas presents and simply giving it early as a birthday present...having to hold a very early party to get anyone to attend...oh, the challenges of a birthday close to a major holiday!

I think I have a solution -- a half birthday celebration!

Why not? Who doesn't want another excuse to eat a slice of birthday cake? Another excuse to celebrate?

So this year I made--from scratch!--a half birthday cake (one layer of a round cake cut in half, stacked then iced) and we sang "Happy Half Birthday To You" to Lucas. He received two wonderful books as gifts (I don't know that we'll do half-birthday gifts every year, but I was at a terrific local bookstore and couldn't help picking up a few beautiful books for him). It was low-key but fun.

In future years, I think this summertime half-birthday might just be the perfect opportunity for a kids' party, conveniently allowing the poorly-timed actual birthday to be a family-only celebration.

And surely if we are celebrating Lucas's half-birthday then we'll need to celebrate mine, too, right? Oh, and my husband's!

Bring on the cake!

Original post to DC Metro Moms. When Aimee isn't busy coming up with excuses to eat cake, she can be found blogging at Smiling Mama.


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