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May 27, 2008

True Community

P1000501 Two weeks ago I wasn't feeling very well. I went in to see my primary care physician and he did a blood test. First thing the next morning he called, and with deep concern in his voice, told me to go to the nearest emergency room immediately. After many days of worry, lots of tests and a surgery, I'm now home and recovering.

A big part of my speedy recovery has been the warmth of the community I came home to. I'm convinced that our town is the best place in the world to raise a child

The night after my mom left, my husband ran into a neighbor at the grocery store. He must have looked a little overwhelmed. Just hours later, that neighbor called to let us know that she had sent a few e-mails and lined up meals for us for the next 10 days!

On night three of delicious dinners, a couple brought over pie and ice cream, explaining that they tried to get on the dinner list but it filled up too quickly so they thought they'd bring dessert. Countless moms have offered playdates; several have offered grocery store runs; and, one mom home on maternity leave with her second child offered up an afternoon of errands.

It is truly overwhelming to be the recipient of such generosity.

But, not surprising. I've seen it all before. You see, this is what Cheverly is all about.

When a baby is born or an illness occurs, people bring food. Need something? No matter how obscure, simply ask. I've seen requests--requests for everything from an extra carseat to one of those high toilet for a visiting grandparent--fulfilled in minutes.

We truly are a community, a community of people who care about and for each other. When I think about the best place in the world to raise a chid, I know we are there.

Original post to DC Metro Moms. Read more about Aimee's life with her toddler at Smiling Mama.


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