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April 01, 2008

Healthy Eating

Cow123 When Lucas started solid food and dairy milk I bought organic for the first time. When the food or milk in my cart was for Lucas, it was organic. When it was for my husband or me, it wasn't. For more than a year Lucas has been drinking organic milk almost exclusively. As for Abel and me, the only time we have organic milk is when the skim runs out and we swipe some from the other carton. For Easter, I didn't want Lucas to have too much candy so he got matchbox cars and raisins in his eggs. But what's Easter without candy? I just kept it aside for myself and the other adults. My husband and I always make sure there we have pleanty of Lucas's favorite fruit and veggies in the house. But I hate to admit that the two of us rarely get our five a day.

Bottom line: we feed Lucas healthier food than we eat ourselves. And I'm happy to report that the double-standard has officially (started to) come to an end!

Today we received our first milk delivery--to our front door and in glass bottles! Welcome to 1950!

Seriously, I am so excited that our town has been added to the delivery route of a Maryland dairy farm. Their dairy cows aren't given growth hormones and have free choice feeding options. The fields don't get any pesticides. Our order included both 2% and Skim--milk (can I just say it again, in GLASS BOTTLES!) for all of us.

Hopefully this will be the first of many choices I make for us all to eat healthier.

Original Posting to DC Metro Moms Blog. Aimee also blogs about life with a toddler at Smiling Mama.


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