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February 25, 2008

Mommy Needed That Cocktail Party

Saturday night, I hosted the first Mommy Needs a Cocktail Party in Petroville. Below are merely a few of the reasons why it was such an amazing evening.

1) First and foremost, it was an all girl party so there was massive Girl Power in the air.

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We had many of the DC Metro Moms in attendance and they brought goodies! Besides stocking my wine cabinet, these lovely ladies brought boxes of giveaways and it was beginning to feel like Christmas morning in my foyer.

Looks Like Christmas Morning for DC Moms

Thanks Sarah, Nancy, Susan, Jean, Robin, Holli, Sandie & Jessica!! You gals rock!


I was so excited to have the ladies from my Jazzercise Center there partying with me as well. Laura, the center owner, donated a bunch of cool items for door prizes - because we can't have a party without prizes, right? Between the free Jazzercise gear and Kristen's MNAC giveaways, we were able to hand out almost 10 freebies. Love it.

So many women came up to me and said "I can't remember the last time I went to a party like this!". Something magical happens when you have almost 45 women in a room with pretty pink cocktails and nothing on the agenda but a good time.

In other news, my husband was scared and hiding.

2) Kristen can work a room.

Kristen Takes the Cake

Another comment I heard over and over that night was, "OMG! I just love her!".

MNAC Premiere

3) The shirts sell themselves.


MNAC Tees Sell Like Hotcakes

Seriously, it was crazy. There's no sales pitch. No lame ass song and dance please buy my product presentation and yet they were swarming. And anxious. And hovering. And buying. Some bought and then drank and then bought some more.

She needs another cocktail

Another phrase we heard? "My husband's going to KILL me!"

4) We found our Fairy Godmother.
Kristen met this sweet woman at the post office who offered to bring some chocolate to our party. This is the display she provided. *drool warning*

Chocolate Fountains to die for!

Our Fairy Godmother's name is Melissa and she owns a company called Capitol Chocolate Fountains. She sells imported Belgian chocolate for home-model fountains that does not require the addition of oil or any other additive to flow smoothly in the fountains. (Available in milk and semi sweet in a 2.5 lb. microwavable tub.) Yes, I know you need to go and get a tissue now to mop off your keyboard. Go ahead. I'll wait. At the end of the night, she told me "Kimberly, I put the cream puffs in your freezer and the chocolate and strawberries are in the fridge". Holy crap...I told her that I needed a moment after those words because I may have just had an orgasm. Like you need more evidence of magic than someone saying that to you?

6) We thought pink and gave to fight breast cancer.
Totals are in and we raised almost $100! Go us!!

Okay, they are playing the music now so I have to wrap this up. Please check out our MNACP Flickr pool for all the pictures from the evening. If you were there (holla!), please add your own to the pot.

Now, I'm officially pooped. But man, after 10 days of the flu & 6 snow days all since the beginning of 2008, this mommy definitely needed that cocktail party.

Chocolate orgasm and all.

You can find Kimberly in Petroville where she lives and writes daily.


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