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December 30, 2007

Are you like me? In shape. Round is a shape. But...

DevraMuch like Jennifer Love Hewitt, I am a proponent of loving your body.  Every year at this time, people all over the globe are taking a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and aren't seeing big smile in their reflection.  Beginning on January 2nd the lines at almost every Weight Watchers location will be long, in some cases out the door and around the block. Most people are going to set weight loss goals and fail.  I hear the words of my grandfather echoing, "I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist."  I've decided to be a realist this year too, but with a twist. I'm setting goals I'll be able to meet instead of signing up for a year of failed attempts and frustration.

It's hardly a secret I need to decrease my lb's. No doubt. But not for vanity. For my health.  Seven and a half years ago I almost died during childbirth. Seriously. I only reveal exactly what happened to me under one of two conditions:

1.The person who is asking is done having children or

2. already possesses a medical degree.   

I'm just not into scaring anyone because what happened to me only happens to .7% of the population. It is VERY rare.

To give you an idea of just how ill I was, when I was discharged from the hospital one of the nurses came into my room and said, "We are all very happy to see you going home." I joked with her about how much I would miss having the nurses waking me up in the middle of the night and maybe I would call them all next week at around 4AM just to check in on all of them.  The nurse took me by both of my shoulders, looked me straight in the eye, "No. Seriously. We were very worried about you. The only person more sick than you is the Jehovah Witness across the hall who was hemorrhaging and refusing a blood transfusion."  Alrighty then. Gotcha.

Being on a heavy cocktail of medicines after acute renal failure coupled with having to take it easy post surgery certainly contributed to a heavier Devra.  However, it's been 7 years. It's fairly safe to say I am out of the woods at this point.  I've been given a second chance at life and haven't taken it for granted, except in one area. (Or maybe I should call it a diameter or even radius?!)

I've already taken some steps in the right direction. They aren't necessarily aerobic. Nothing wrong with the slow and steady approach to winning a race.  I didn't put on the weight overnight, so it's not going to disappear magically either. Nor is that my goal. My goal is overall improved health, if it takes a few years to meet my goal, so be it.  There is no special day on the calender I am marking off, no reunion for which I am worrying about, I am who I am.   So why now? What got me thinking about this? Was it a new year approaching? Nope. 

Have you ever watched the movie Bang The Drum Slowly?  It is an old movie starring Robert DeNiro as baseball player Bruce Pearson who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. His best friend, Henry Wiggin (played by Michael Moriarty) is steadfast in seeing to it Bruce spends the last of his days playing ball. Although Bruce's prognosis is terminal he does not want the rest of his team to know of his condition.  At one point in the film Bruce suspects his team members know of his health issues and he and Henry have the following exchange:

Bruce Pearson: Everybody'd be nice to you if they knew you were dying.
Henry Wiggen: Everybody knows everybody is dying; that's why people are as good as they are.

And there it was. Right there. Undeniably true in its simplicity. "Everybody is dying."  We're all moving at our own pace, and I don't mean to be excessively morose, but bottom line, we are dying from the day we are born yet simultaneously we are living until we die.  Determining I needed to be a bit more organized about living, I set forth a plan.

The exercise plan I have to follow is adjusted for my way of life, which is like many of yours; stops and starts. Interruptions of time. 10 minutes here. 5 minutes there.  Having to dash out to a meeting.  I just do not have 45 minutes every day of uninterrupted time.  Even when I do? I get bored out of my mind easily and my pattern of behavior is to just give up and do something else.

My plan also includes an elliptical machine.  It's right in my home office next to my desk.  I also have an exercise plan specifically designed for me by a personal trainer. I have everything in place to be successful, but something is holding me back.

Footwear.  I know this sounds really stupid, but I don't want to have to switch shoes just to exercise on my elliptical. I want to be able to have a pair of shoes to wear casually which would be appropriate to wear on the elliptical too.  What I do not want is a pair of sneakers. I want shoes to wear on my feet ,with decent arch support, but aren't sneakers. Stylish, affordable, well-made, comfortable. The list goes on...

Any suggestions?


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