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April 08, 2009

A Girl and Her Plans

-13 I would love to take a photography class. My knitting could use some serious work. I think that I would be a great restaurant critic. I want to volunteer with an organization that provides one-on-one support for at-risk girls. I dream of practicing yoga on a daily basis. I wish my garden was ten times as big as it currently is. Lately, I have been wondering if I will ever make it back to some of the places I saw while spending a semester abroad in the spring of 1997. I'd like to be the kind of girl who always has her eyebrows shaped and toes painted. I wish I owned a bike that I could ride up to the Green City Market on Wednesday mornings. On days when I am feeling ambitious, I want to do twice as much freelance writing as I am currently doing. Sometimes around 6:30 p.m. on Fridays, I dream of meeting my husband at Avec to sip wine and share a plate of chorizo-stuffed madjool dates.

I have plans -- lots of them.  But I also have three small children and a husband that need me -- I mean, really need me.  Don't get me wrong -- I want them to need me.  I am never bored or without company. My life is full and happy. I enjoy all of the day-to-day things that I do for my family -- from nursing my baby to taking my daughter to art class to picking up the dry cleaning.  I want to do these things for them.  But that also means that there just isn't time for most of my other plans.

I know that my babies will grow into school-aged kids, then teenagers and some day adults.  One day they won't live in my house anymore.  They won't need me to do their laundry and make their meals and help them get into their pajamas.

When that time comes, I want to be ready.  I want to remember all of the things that I want to do now but have no tome for. To that end, I have started keeping a list of things that I want to do  -- from making my own strawberry preserves to taking a trip to Africa to rereading Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury.  

I may look like I am just a Mom.  But I am also a wanna-be photographer/knitter/amateur restaurant critic/committed volunteer/yogi/master gardener/world traveler/bicyclist/professional writer/hot date.

I have a lot of plans.

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Caitlin is a Mom who writes when she can at A Hen and Two Three Chicks, Being Savvy:  Chicago and Chicago Parent.


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