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November 18, 2008

Spare Change

A very wise man (my husband) called me out recently on my wanting to "start new, start fresh, start over" all the time.   It's become a thing with me.   He suggested that I just fix it.

Fix whatever it is that isn't working for me instead of always starting over.

I guess in my mind I thought that starting over was fixing things. But I'm finding that lots of starting over really doesn't get you very far.

I found this picture in Carter's school notebook after the election.


I pray that our country has not gone back to sleep since the evening of November 4. I hope this man knows just the right things to change, and when to start over. He has such big shoes to fill- not necessarily the shoes of the man before him, but the shoes of the man everyone has envisioned him to be. So many people expecting so much.

I can relate to that a little. I have a whole lot of fixing to do.

At least it leaves me plenty of room for improvement...

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