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September 15, 2008

Even little boys like shoes

I love shoes. Heels, flats, mary janes, boots. Anything that has a bit of punch and helps me feel a little less schleppy even in jeans and a t-shirt will eventually find its way into my closet.  My DH likes shoes as well so our front foyer usually needs to be tidied up at least once a day or you'll find at least a dozen pairs of shoes littering the bottom of the stairs.

These days however, it's not mom and dad's shoes taking up the space. Between Bubs and Mister, they have accumlated several pairs of sandals, crocs and sneakers.  It doesn't help that I now work part-time for Tippy Toes Shoes and have come home with several pairs of very spiffy shoes for Bubs.  They're now deemed his "school shoes" and he's very protective of them. Little brother is following closely behind and the two giggle when I put them in matching shoes.

Yeah. Even little boys like shoes. It makes me smile.

Serena Beltz is new to Chicago Moms Blog. You can also find her at Petit Tableau where she blogs about preschool lunches and other kid-foodie topics.

Someone told me that little boys don't like shoes as much as little girls but on the contrary I'm raising two shoe fiends that just happen to be boys. People don't believe me until Bubs runs up to someone and shows off his new footwear. Mister points to his feet and just giggles hysterically before running off.

Yeah, even little boys like shoes.


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