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July 31, 2008

Signs of a happy summer

Wisconsin_dells_2008_282_2There are several ways to evaluate the happiness of your child's summer. The criteria is simple:

1. How many nights did they catch lightning bugs and/or stay up late to see the stars come out? It's a simple, timeless activity. Free of charge but not often indulged upon by over-scheduled parents and kids. A child must have a lazy, long day available the following day for a late night of chasing bugs as they flit about your yard.

2. How dirty did they get? Were their cheeks and hands sticky and grimy from the bubble juice running off of the wand and down their bodies? Was there a contest to see how many popsicles it took to turn their tongues and teeth vibrant colors? Did their feet become so encrusted with dirt and sand that even a true scrubbing in the tub didn't erase the fun that was had?

3. Did you play with them? Not watch them play, but play with them? Did you build a sand castle, ride a bike or kick that soccer ball? The involvement of you, their parent, will be a memory that holds and cannot be forgotten.

Summer is almost over in Illinois. The extremely hot and humid days are the markers of summer's end that make us race to the pool a few last times and try to get just one more barbeque with the neighbors. All too soon, the leaves will be changing and the focus will be on winter and all that comes with that season. I am personally anxious to get a few more of 1, 2, and 3 in this season. But I know that my kids have some great memories. Lots of lazy days, sticky fingers and time with Mom and Dad to store in their brains. Someday, they'll look back on these days and pull a few tidbits out that they remember. I wonder which bits will stick out?

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