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June 05, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Tracey After having 2 boys, I was convinced that I would always be a mom to boys, and that was that. I was fine with it. No big deal, I thought. And this is the truth. HONESTLY.

But now, after having been a mom to a darling little girl for 2 1/2 years, I can admit that I am so completely thankful to have this experience! I adore her. Her hair curls up into tiny tendrils that I absolutely cannot resist. I MUST curl them and fluff them! The fact that she has learned to flutter her eyelashes and say "pretty please"  (I kid you not) simultaneously charms and alarms me... (woe to us when she is 14 years old).

Unexpectedly, for me, the trait that endears me the most, is her desire to be Just Like Mommy.

Her hair must get cut soon (though it's still a baby cap of thin wisps) so that she can have "hair like Mommy."

Her eyes WILL turn blue someday (or so she believes) so that she can "sparkly blue eyes like Mommy" (Though I always comment on how much I admire her gorgeous brown eyes, with golden flecks in them...)

She cannot wait to have bigger fingers so that she can wear my rings.

There isn't a single dress I put on that she doesn't ADORE. "Oh Mommmeeee!! You wook boootiful!! I can have a dress just like you, too?"

With all of this adoration and emulation, it's a wonder that my head hasn't swollen to the point of exploding!

So, how does a mother model for her daughter what being a woman means? Especially when that mother (me) is perpetually changing her mind about the matter?

My only conclusion is to live my life and be open-minded.

Try to yell less and laugh more...

Try to punish less and reward more...

Try to grasp each moment as it presents itself, and treasure every jewel I discover...

Simply put: Just TRY.

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