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June 06, 2008

Dressing The Bumps And Bruises

StephThe hubs and I are attending the Wings Of Hope Benefit next Friday at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in honor of the American Epilepsy Outreach Foundation. The E word. Not something very popular or comfortable to talk about, but Epilepsy is real and more common than you may know. We went through the darkest of times when our son was diagnosed just over 4 years ago. Thankfully and miraculously, our son is seizure-free and medication-free now, and we are honored to wear Noah's success as a badge and share his story, one that continues to bring hope to parents wishing the same for their child. This benefit is sure to be emotional and uplifting and will not only raise awareness (with special speaker Hunter Tylo and People Magazine in attendance), but from the proceeds will also provide educational initiatives and support programs to those living with Epilepsy. And this event also has this preggy Mama wondering just what am I going to wear?

Extremely honored to be able to attend such a special night, I want to look my best. I am the face of a mother that has been through watching her child have 200 seizures a day. I saw him drift away before my very eyes and drift back and drift away again. And now I have him back for good. I want to show everyone what a survivor looks like. I didn't end up a haggardly mess rocking myself in a corner (as I seriously thought just might happen.) I made it. I'm not saying that I'm totally together, but I think I have been able to move on with life. And even if we still had the seizures as part of our everyday, we would still go on living. Life- it has this incredible ability to keep going on with or without us.

So, here I am. 6 months pregnant and probably larger than a normal 6 months pregnant woman (or at least larger than pregnant celebrities) and I want to look good. I want to represent and respect such an important evening. There's not that much out there in fancy maternity wear, unless you want to hit up a boutique downtown and pay way too much for something you'll wear only once. And being 6 months pregnant I'd rather put my swollen feet & ankles up and let my fingers do the shopping online.

I've been eyeing this dress at OldNavy.com, and can't decide between the plum and the deep space blue. I have the perfect diamond jewelry to go with it and since you can now shop at all four stores in the same checkout, I moseyed on over to Banana Republic straight to these Oriana sandals or Piperlime's Charles by Charles David Hottie flats or Enzo Hypnotics (please hubby do not click on any of these links and see the prices.) I figure, you know, since the dress is so inexpensive you can spend more on the shoes, right? Ok, so if we're going to keep it really real, I can always make these metallic slides work or find something perfect at Marshall's. But that involves leaving the house. So help me out. And next comes the handbag...

No matter what I decide to wear on the outside, there's no covering up the bruises and scars on my heart. They'll always be there, sometimes painful from what we had to go through. But most days a beautiful reminder of how far we've come. 

Original Chicago Moms Blog post. Stephanie also blogs at Adventures In Babywearing.


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